A Case Study of Aya Akaje Hotel

A Case Study Of Aya Akaje Hotel

A Case Study of Aya Akaje Hotel

A Case Study of Aya Akaje Hotel

A Case Study Of Aya Akaje Hotel: Aya Akaje Hotel is a 3-star hotel that was recently built by a famous Ibadan Pharmacistt called Mr. Kunle Ara. along the central part of Ibadan on Queen Elizabeth Road. Aya Akaje.

Aya Akaje Hotel was launched in the early part of this year (2020). With a Capacity of 40 Rooms which include V.I.P Rooms, Standard Rooms, and Normal Rooms.

Due to their interest in the new Technology and Hotel Management Trends, Aya Akaje Hotel Contracted SB Telecoms and Devices, A trusted brand to Supply and Install Hotel Locks and Hotel Management Software to Compliments the locks for report generation and Card Enrollment.


This Project was amazing and beautiful, it was done in less supervision. We were contacted to provide the following listed items  below:

LH5000: LH5000 is one RFID lock with advanced 13.56 MHZ Mifare-1 card technology, which has the ability of reading and writing to the guest and staff cards. The included lock management software offers you an easy “one-click” installation.


  • Backset is 70 mm
  • With advanced 13.56mhz Mifare-1 card technology
  • For Software Developers


  • Supply and Installations of 40 Smart Door Locks
  • Installations of Card Enrollment Device
  • Installations of Software License and License Activation

LH2600: Lh2600  has the following features

• With advanced 13.56mhz Mifare-1
card technology
• American standard mortise
with 5 latches
• Stainless steel housing with the color
of gold and silver
• With professional hotel lock management
software – single click install
• Audit trail records the latest
224 lock transactions
• With warning beeps in low battery power
• Backset is 70 mm

CR20 Card Enroller: CR20 Card Enroller is accessories designed to read (CR20E/M) & write  (CR20M/W) proximity cards. They are connected to the PC through USB Port (Plug & play). They allow high-speed transactions and incorporate LED indicators. CR20M/W includes communication protocol for the development and it’s compatible with S.O Windows 32 bits. CR20E and CR20M are compatible with windows S.O and read the same serial number as ZKTeco devices.

CR20 Card enroller

Hotel Locks was installed on all doors within 5days

Hotel Management Software was installed and the License was activated.

Hotel Management Software

Within 7days all Project has been Completed and Documents were signed by both parties for the successful completion.

If you desire to do a similar solution to what Aya Akaje Hotel did, Please kindly send a mail to info@securetech.com.ng or call 234-8112677777. We want to work with you.

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