8 Reasons why you should have a CCTV system installed in your home.

cctv system

8 Reasons why you should have a CCTV system installed in your home.

CCTV system installed in your home

CCTV has become a regular fixture in almost every business, office, public building, parking lot, and public place over the last decade or so. They provide protection, reassurance, and a sense of comfort to commercial property owners because they know that while the cameras may not always dissuade thieves and vandals, they will be able to identify the perpetrators if thefts or damage occur.

Why has the adoption of CCTV been so slow? It is tough to pin down .. Some people argue that the expenditures are excessive and that the amount of protection is unnecessary and excessive in a residential context. While these concerns are understandable, the data suggests that such fears and beliefs are unjustified. CCTV technology costs have decreased dramatically over time as a result of increased competition: installation costs have decreased and prices have decreased. Simultaneously, the value of the commodities, appliances and audio-visual equipment we retain in our houses has skyrocketed. Few individuals would blink an eye if they had to pay a few thousand dollars for a widescreen smart TV or hundreds of dollars for the latest smartphone. The irony is that we take measures and get mobile phones and home insurance to protect ourselves in the event that our property is stolen or damaged.

Yet we rarely consider investing in what many consider to be the ultimate safeguard for our most valuable possessions — CCTV.

What are the benefits of establishing a CCTV system?

CCTV is a powerful deterrent to intruders and robbers. Many people believe that if every security-conscious homeowner had a CCTV system, the number of burglaries would drop drastically. Installation expenses are now quite reasonable, and perhaps lot less expensive than you might have expected. In comparison, the cost of a single wired CCTV camera with a night-vision range of 5 meters is low.more sophisticated security monitoring systems with several vandal-proof cameras are not always unreasonably expensive . However, it is important to note that the costs do not stop there. Homeowners will suffer additional fees and spending to get their systems up and running, so keep this in mind when calculating the overall budget. CCTV owners will need to install extra equipment such as connections and a digital video recorder (DVR) to record and view the video, though this will vary based on the type of camera.

Which is better for your property: wired or wireless CCTV?

Wired home CCTV systems are the most prevalent and, as a result, the least expensive type of camera. A direct wiring connection is used to connect the camera to the monitor. The benefit of hardwiring is that the signal will generally be consistent, failing only if there is a power outage or failure at the premises. The disadvantage of hardwired cameras, as well as their extension cables and connections, is that they might be difficult to install, necessitating the services of a specialist, increasing the initial expenditure.

Cameras in a wireless home CCTV system broadcast images to a computer, tablet, or mobile phone through analogue or digital technology.Most wireless cctv cameras can even connect to an app, allowing you to keep an eye on your home even while you’re not there.. Digital cameras are often higher quality and create better photographs than analogue cameras, but they are also significantly more expensive.

Wireless systems, however, are not without flaws. They are sensitive to interference from devices such as routers, cordless phones, and wireless access points. microwaves and their signal may be blocked or slowed by heavy masonry or metal objects. The ability to record and send footage is also dependent on signal quality and consistency, which means that filming may be paused if an internet connection is lost. Furthermore, wireless home CCTV systems must be encrypted to prevent anyone within range with a proper receiver from accessing the homeowner’s footage.

There are eight reasons why you should have a CCTV system in your home:

cctv system

If you want to improve the security of your home and aren’t put off by the cost of CCTV, but aren’t persuaded of its worth or requirement for your own property, you should consider the following considerations before dismissing it completely:

1 – CCTV has the potential to significantly reduce crime rates.

According to research, having a CCTV camera put in your home or on your property can have an impact on burglary rates and effectively reduce crime rates.The reason behind this is easy to understand. Burglars dislike being caught and will avoid places where they may be captured on video and later identified. Criminals are always stopped from committing crimes if they believe they are being watched or monitored, according to police agencies all around the world.

2 – Vandals despise CCTV cameras: 

Vandals are a persistent blight on our culture. They cause property damage and defacement for no apparent purpose. They appear to do it only to pass the time or because they are unconcerned about the implications of their actions. The damage they inflict can be quite expensive for homeowners since they will either have to pay for the repairs out of their own pockets or file a claim with their house insurance, pay an excess, and then face higher premiums.

CCTV will not prevent vandalism or theft from property, but it will serve as a deterrent and discouragement. If a vandal believes they would be easily identified from camera film, they will reconsider committing an offense. It won’t be much comfort to homeowners because they’ll still have to pay for the damage, but at least they’ll know there’s a decent possibility the police will be able to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

3 – Accessible from a distance When you are not at home, CCTV can provide you with peace of mind: 

As you might assume, the majority of burglaries occur while a home is unoccupied or when the homeowner is absent. So homeowners should be relieved to know that even when their property is unattended, someone or something is keeping an eye on it. The fact that you can remotely monitor what’s going on in and around your home from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop should provide even more comfort and peace of mind. Even if you’re thousands of miles away from home or on vacation, you can keep a watch on your children., and if you notice any strange activity, you may alert the authorities and perhaps capture the thief red-handed.

4 – CCTV can assist you in remotely monitoring tradespeople:

It’s difficult to keep an eye on everything going on around your house, especially whether you’re at work or on vacation. When there are workers on the site, the problem is exacerbated. How do you know what they’re up to when you’re not around? How can you be certain they’re doing the task you’ve hired them to accomplish and not getting into mischief? CCTV monitoring is the solution. Although that may sound a little menacing, as if Big Brother is always watching, it is important to be cautious. If the workmen or cleaner are made aware that the property is monitored by CCTV and can be accessed while you are not at home, they will respect your home and carry out their duties properly..

5 – CCTV can help you save money on your house insurance:

When you get a property insurance policy, the overall security of your property will play a big influence in determining the type of premium you’ll pay. The quantifiable the level of security you can show to the insurance, the lower your premium will be. So, if you’ve installed high-security locks on all of the property’s principal access and exit points, as well as locks on all openable windows and patio doors and a burglar alarm, your rates will be lower. If you also include CCTV, your premiums should be reduced even lower. Insurance companies will be aware that your home is watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that this serves as a deterrent to burglars. They’ll also be aware that any burglar or vandal who poses a threat to the property will be identified. All else being equal, this knowledge should result in an additional discount and, as a result, a lower insurance premium.

6 – CCTV can assist in identifying and apprehending criminals:

If your home has been broken into, you’re generally not going to be satisfied. You’ll feel betrayed and angry. Who wouldn’t if someone entered into their home, stole costly items, and mistreated their most prized possessions? However, there is some solace in knowing that even if the CCTV camera could not prevent the burglary from occurring, the footage captured by the camera in your home could help to identify the offenders and play a role in bringing them to justice. CCTV camera footage is now legally admissible and can be utilized in court, according to widely accepted legal precedent.

7 – CCTV can let you keep a constant check on your children — and pet:

There is no bigger source of concern for a parent than not being present while Their youngster is in the room . There may be a nanny, older brothers and sisters, or relatives with the child, but this does not alleviate the stress. There is no replacement for being physically present to keep an eye on things and ensure that everyone and everything is safe and well.

If you can’t be there in person because you’re at work or at the store, you can be there virtually. With CCTV, you can keep an eye on and monitor your home and children from anywhere.You can tell when they’ve come home from school, and whether or not they’re safe and healthy.. You should be able to rest a little more easily now that you have this knowledge.

CCTV is also useful for keeping a watch on your pets while you are unable to be with them. You may keep track of what they’re up to during the day, observe their behavior, and determine if they’re upset for whatever reason. Knowing you can keep an eye on your closest buddy at all times of day, no matter where you are, can provide you with a great deal of peace of mind.

8 – Because CCTV systems require little maintenance after installation, the prices are low:

The true benefit of a CCTV system is that the majority of the costs are paid ahead of time. After the installation is finished, the system requires relatively little maintenance. As long as the camera is sturdy and can withstand whatever the weather there isn’t much else you’ll need to do to keep it working once it’s been installed outside. The upfront costs may be significant, but the low maintenance costs should offset some of the investment.


There are several compelling reasons to install a CCTV system in your house, some of which have already been explored. The major purpose for having CCTV, though, is to give an extra layer of protection and some assurance that everyone is safe. 

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