Visitor Management

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Visitor Management


Visitor Management is any cycle that enables an organization to monitor the individuals that visit their area or location. For certain organizations, essentially gathering the visitor’s name is adequate, yet other organizations have higher security necessities—like identifications, authoritative archives, representative escorts, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.



            A visitor management system is apparatuses that assist organizations with making or do their visitor management approaches. As organizations understand the value of their visitor, many are overhauling from the paper and pen sign-in sheet to an advanced visitor management framework that can assist them with doing substantially more.


Why is Visitor Management important?

Creating a workplace environment where your employees feel safe is of the utmost importance. Feelings of safety and comfort are key to overall productivity and success. Your employees will feel more comfortable knowing that any strangers or guests on-site have been processed through a Visitor Management system and screened accordingly.

Below are the importance of visitor management system;

           1. Use The Visitor Management System: It’s significant that the framework you pick incorporates singular visitor’s ID identifications and makes a record of office visitors. Most visitor management frameworks have topped off, so your choices are not restricted by visitors’ volume.


           2. Execute Access Control:  To control visitor access to your building, limit the number of public entrances. After determining your public entrance, make sure all other doors are locked. Employees can use HID proximity cards to enter the building from those other entrances while visitors are required to use the monitored public entrance.


           3Decide A LOCATION FOR THE VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPosition the visitor entry system at a passage close to the parking garage or in the fundamental anteroom. Pick your “guardian”, the person at the entrance, who will oversee the visitor management system. You might need to utilize an assistant or safety officer to sign a visitor in and hand out their visitor ID cards.


          4. TEACH YOUR EMPLOYEES: Notify your workers that a visitor management system is an insurance you take to guarantee their security. Train staff on how to utilize the system, so they can completely comprehend the method. Urge workers to make visitor mindful of the new framework early for a smoother change.


 5. DEMAND THE VISITORS TO CHECK OUT: With a visitor management system, it’s similarly as imperative to know when guests leave your structure. Expect guests to stop by the banquet room after their visit is finished to turn in their proximity card and look at. Adding this system to your arrangement will give you a piece of far-reaching information on who is in the building at some random time.



               The ZKBioSecurity-3200 helps organizations achieve this without having to break the bank. ZKBioSecurity is the ultimate “All-in-One” web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco. It contains multiple integrated modules: access control, time&attendance, consumption management, elevator control(online/offline), hotel module, visitor management, parking, guard patrol, and video linkage. 

               With an optimized system architecture designed for high-level biometric identification and a modern-user friendly UI,  ZKBioSecurity provides the most advanced solution for whole new user experience.

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