What is a POS SYSTEM
A considerable lot of you will be thinking about what I implied by the topic. Indeed, this is it. A POS (Point of Sale) in any case called Point of Purchase (POP) is an entry gadget that permits nearby charges cardholders to make installments for labor and products in a retail climate. It can likewise be viewed as the general setting where a retail exchange is finished.
The retail location is frequently alluded to as the direct client interaction since it isn’t only a retail location yet, in addition, a state of return or client request. The POS terminal can be utilized to play out an assortment of monetary exchanges, for example, buying, distributing broadcast appointments (reenergize), and balance requests.
Nigeria has gone cashless with most payments being made online. These will more often than not represent an issue to a considerable lot of us particularly entrepreneurs who currently need to manage satisfying up to clientsneed for cash installment. Do you realize you can make your business go calm with a basic POS? here in Nigeria, it’s not difficult to get assuming you follow the basic advances I have illustrated underneath.

Advantages of having or utilizing a POS System as a business owner

  • Decrease the expense of individuals and hardware for taking care of money receipts.
  • Decrease the issue of conveying money and making installments with mass money.
  • Takes out the bother of cheques 

I trust you actually recall that POS machines are those machines we see at retail organizations that typically acknowledge charges or Visas very much like an ATM and permit purchasers to make installments straightforwardly to a dealer’s record without the requirement for cash. With a P.O.S machine, a business wipes out the requirement for counting on cash since its income is straightforwardly paid into the bank.
Assuming you have or maintain a business, it could be enticing to at minimum get a P.O.S machine yet before you do that, you ought to consider a ton of things with a definitive objective of whether it would truly be gainful to your business.

 Before you think of getting a POS machine here in Nigeria, you ought to consider the following:

  • The type of client: What kind of client do you truly have as a dealer or as a business ownerdo they comprehend the utilization of the card installment framework, and how does a POS function? You need to understand your type of customer.
  • POS use costs: Utilizing a POS for your business accompanies a few costs which make the money installments a touch more appealing. In Nigeria, you should pay a specific rate on the worth of each effective exchange or installment they get. So you need to realize the different exchange costs for the POS machine at the different banks you are applying to get one from and go for the one that best suits your pocket.
    • Income level: Consider your income level, how much pay do you truly create from your business? So assuming that you make or handle loads of money, it’s best you consider getting one as it will make your deal simple.
  • Power supply: P.O.S machines expect power to continue to run and they additionally utilize their own inside batteries. However it has a re-energized battery, you would require consistent ability to keep it working for quite a while in order to satisfy your client’s needs. So having a backup power generator for example in Nigeria is a need.
  • Network accessibility: How dependable is the organization of your proposed POS machine? Network issues can be so disillusioning to both the business owner and the client

                Steps and ways to get a POS for your business.

  • You should visit your bank and make an application.
  • You should have a current record yet a few banks can acknowledge an investment account that shows you are credible
  • You would now be able to address your record official who will presently give you a form to fill and sign. This ought to be the POS demand structure just as an understanding archive that you will sign.
  • Following all checks and endorsement of the record, you ought to accept your POS in around 14 days.

 Kindly note that POS terminals in Nigeria are presented at no cost, nonetheless, for every installment and payment made through the POS Machine, a charge is deducted.

           7 Types of POS systems and their applications

1. Tablet POS systems

iPad and Android retail location arrangements are progressively well known since they require insignificant forthright venture and you can frequently utilize a tablet that you currently own. Some tablet POS administrations are “free” with Visa handling; others require a low month-to-month membership expense however permits you to pick your own Mastercard processor. Many help viable equipment, for example, scanner tag perusers, cash drawers, and tablet stand. Some are fairly basic applications; others can oversee complex stock circumstances and track worker time.
 Recommended applications: Street or ranchers market merchants, reasonable or occasion sellers, independent or contractors, contracted proficient administrations, versatile administrations, daycare business owners.

2. Mobile point-of-sale systems

Smartphone and tablet POS administrations can handle installments and deals with some stock and client data. Much of the time, the application is free in return for installment handling. The best installment processors will send you the charge card peruser free of charge. This is an appropriate POS choice assuming you don’t deal with a ton of stock and you should be versatile. Most will work with a versatile receipt printer, or you can email receipts to your clients straightforwardly from the application.
Recommended applications: Mobile sellers, speedy assistance eateries, bistros, gift shops, little retail locations, proficient administrations, pizza joints, juice bars, shops, frozen yogurt parlors, workmanship displays, little theaters, salons, etc.

3. Terminal POS systems

Terminal retail location frameworks are the sort you are accustomed to seeing at the counter. While they are equipment and programming-based, most still expect admittance to the web and may even utilize cloud-based programming. They are frequently sold as across-the-board arrangements that incorporate standardized tag scanners, cash drawers, and such. A considerable lot of these administrations give day in and day out/365 help and cloud reinforcement.
 These frameworks make it simple to limit representative web access since they can be designed to run just the POS programming. Eatery arrangements can coordinate with tableside Wi-Fi versatile gadgets, kitchen printers, benefactor tablet requesting, and internet requests. Retail firms can incorporate broad stock apparatuses, mark printing, and online business joining. Some are “free” in return for paying for Mastercard handling.
Proposed applications: Full-administration cafés, occupied retailers, supermarkets, Big shops and stores, classical stores, book or magazine stores, salons, spas, electronic stores

4. Online point-of-sale system

With a web-based POS, you can utilize your own equipment, which may be a PC or tablet. Another benefit is the insignificant startup costs. PC arrangements can’t supplant the accommodation of a touchscreen; be that as it may, assuming your business has low-volume, expensive deals, it might demonstrate sufficiently fast to suit your necessities. The low-volume business additionally utilizes a standard printer. You can sign in to online arrangements from any place, utilizing any gadget.
Recommended applications: Small retailers, craftsmanship displays, transfer stores, salons, pet custodians, little bistros, expensive retailers

5. Self-service kiosk POS

Most stand POS frameworks are particular answers for a particular reason. For instance, you might offer self-help stand for benefactors to buy film tickets or to oversee parking spot time and installments. Another supportive choice is setting up a couple of stands in your huge retail location to allow your clients to look into valuing and item accessibility. Other non-POS utilizes incorporate patient registrations and HR (like tolerating business applications). In certain ventures, portable applications may supplant some well-known uses, for example, registrations and item queries or even ticket deals.
Recommended applications: Ticket deals, transportation passes, patient registrations, food merchants, item query, HR, stopping

6. Multichannel POS systems

Assuming your business sells its items in more than one on the web or in-person, you’ll benefit incredibly from multichannel POS frameworks. This kind of POS framework incorporates every one of your deals across your web-based store, online media pages, and customer-facing facades. Accordingly, you’re less inclined to run unavailable, on the grounds that your stock for the course of one deal isn’t adjusted with that of your different channels.
Recommended applications: Brick-and-mortar stores that likewise sell on the web, internet business organizations stretching out into actual spaces, online merchants doing face to face pop-ups

7. Open-source POS systems

With open-source POS frameworks, you can tweak your POS programming interface to work precisely how you please. You’ll require computer programmers to get this going, and since programmers frequently charge high rates, open-source POS can be costly. Nonetheless, it very well might be the main choice for bigger organizations with unique POS needs.
Recommended applications: The’ greatest change in POS frameworks in the course of recent years is the reasonable choices for little (or even miniature) organizations. Little organizations presently don’t have to exhaust their startup assets on a costly POS framework. While huge tasks might in any case require sizable forthright speculation, there are presently more convenient and Wi-Fi choices accessible so you can all the more likely serve your clients. Whenever you have characterized your necessities and set your financial plan, you can undoubtedly find the best POS choice for your business.
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