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A time and attendance terminal is a software solution that tracks employee working hours, vacations, and absences. This removes the costly mistakes that come with manual time and attendance tracking, resulting in greater efficiency and production. From our own experience, and also the experience from several other establishments, the information gathered can also be utilized to generate rapid, real-time reports that help managers make better decisions.

Time and attendance systems, formerly considered a luxury exclusively granted to large-scale enterprises, have now become a crucial tool in each organization’s toolkit. These technologies, which are used by both large and small businesses and across a variety of industries, allow managers to increase efficiency and profitability.

You Might Ask: “Why Is It So Vital To Have A Time And Attendance System?

Since their inception, time and attendance software have come a long way. A modern time and attendance terminal will provide employees with control over their working hours and can provide you with a variety of clocking and non-clocking alternatives, such as:

  • Biometric Terminals
  • Touchless Biometric Terminal with fever recognition
  • Proximity Clocks
  • Pin Time Clocks
  • Hand Punch Clocks
  • Desktop Clocking
  • Mobile phone clocking
  • Honor-based email timesheets


If you believe that your employees are your most valuable asset, you’ll go to great lengths to ensure that their work influences how your company functions. One of the most effective methods for increasing productivity and efficiency is tracking staff time and attendance.

Modern organizations like ours “Securetech Nigeria” are utilizing developments in timekeeping technology to keep track of employees’ work hours and are utilizing the benefits of time and attendance management systems to propel their enterprises forward.

Here’s what they’ll get in exchange:

  1. Reliable Precision: Advanced automated time and attendance management systems reduce the likelihood of human mistakes, which is one of the leading causes of financial losses. They are frequently cloud-based and capture real-time employee data. They can also handle sophisticated scheduling to assure qualified, skilled coverage while meeting shift changes, labor law restrictions, and employee preferences, among other things.
  2. Productivity Improvements: Advanced automated time and attendance management systems reduce employee tracking time and effort. Work schedules can now be simply established and copied depending on job needs, personnel availability, and eligibility. This frees managers from mundane, manual scheduling tasks, allowing them to focus on their business strategically.
    Biotime 8.0 is Complete Payroll’s advanced scheduling solution that helps manage complex schedules, ensures qualified coverage, gives employees scheduling control, and expedites shift changes. Request a demo today to see if it’s right for your business. 
  3. Satisfied Employee: Self-service features in advanced automated time and attendance systems allow employees to see schedules, receive reminders, and access shift trade boards. Employees can use web-based portals or mobile apps to access time cards, time off requests, and PTO balances.
  4. Overall Cost Expenditure: One of the most enticing features of time and attendance systems is that they assist in reducing labor costs by comparing planned hours to actual time worked, thereby minimizing excessive overtime. This benefit can also help your company’s attendance policy by lowering employee tardiness and absenteeism.
  5. Easy to integrate with other programs: Other apps can simply be connected with time and attendance systems. If you have an electronic access control system, for example, when your employees arrive at work and pass through a door, they create an event in the access control database that records their arrival time and location. Time and attendance systems can be linked to read this data, saving money on the cost of building separate terminals for employees to clock in and leave.
    Biotime 8.0 is a world-leading time and attendance solution from ZKTeco. It is highly configurable, which means it can be configured to meet the requirements of any organization. Whether you are a small business wishing to simply record the time and attendance of your staff, or a global enterprise wishing to centrally manage complex workforce policies, Biotime 8.0 gives you all the tools you need.

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