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Time attendance machines are devices that track and monitor when employees start and stop working. With time attendance machines, you as an employer, can track an employee’s working hours and late or early arrivals, break times, and absenteeism. Additionally, it eliminates transcription errors and purposeful errors and lowers overpayments that are sometimes brought on by compensating staff for time spent not working in your organization. Attendance systems can also be used to ensure attendance documentation requirements are met by labour laws. 

Thanks to time and attendance systems, employees can electronically clock in and out using time clocks, internet-connected PCs, mobile devices, and telephones. Additionally, some solutions permit users to log in and out using text messages, social media sites like Twitter, and other messaging apps like Slack. When an employee clocks in or out, the information is immediately transferred to the software so that your payroll solution can easily input it.

One of the most efficient ways to make sure everyone is contributing to the success of the firm is to keep track of your employees’ time and attendance.

It is beneficial to be aware of how many hours your employees have worked and how many sick days they have taken, whether you are monitoring them physically or remotely.

In addition to keeping the organization’s payroll system orderly, these reports and documentation are essential for ensuring wage and hour compliance. As much as you can measure these factors manually or with cumbersome timesheets because time is money, there is a better method to accomplish it faster owing to the digital era.


Biometric time attendance solutions have a direct impact on employee productivity. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Greater Effectiveness

If you’re utilizing a manual approach, collecting time cards, re-entering data into your payroll solution, and taking the time necessary to process payroll for the entire organization can be time-consuming and difficult. At the end of each pay period, firms with a manual timekeeping and payroll process frequently spend upwards of five hours or more processing payroll. It is ensured that time records are in an electronic format by automating the collection of time through data collection equipment. In order to handle payroll, this enables the transmission of that data to be sent automatically to your payroll software.

  • Enhanced accuracy

When a payroll system is coupled with biometric time and attendance registration and identification, the requirement for any manual reentry of timekeeping data is reduced or even eliminated. As a result, processing payroll accurately can be completed in as little as 20 minutes per pay period. Payroll processing can be sped up while maintaining data accuracy with biometric data collection, which can boost output and reduce costs.

  • Eliminates time theft and buddy punching.

Buddy punching is when a worker swipes or inputs the personal identification number (PIN) of a tardy worker before they arrive at work or after they leave. Such time theft can have significant financial and organizational consequences. Every year, companies lose about $500 billion as a result of this. Employees can nearly never cheat a time and attendance system because of biometrics. Because biometrics are special, only you can punch in or out, ensuring punctual attendance and saving an organization’s money.

  • Boosts employee motivation.

Biometric attendance solutions are a good choice for controlling the workforce that directly affects payroll processes. The technology ensures that it is possible to see how many hours each individual has put in. Employers can maintain accurate payroll records with the help of a biometric attendance punching machine. The employees would be held automatically accountable for their behaviour. These would inspire people to work harder.

  • Organizational discipline.

Discipline in the workplace is ensured by the introduction of the biometric attendance system. They encourage prompt entry, and all tasks will be completed with the utmost discipline. Since no staff is needed to spend time checking attendance, money is saved. The accountability of employees is one of the incredible advantages of the biometric attendance system and payroll software. The biometric systems will aid in time management, since every employee must be held accountable for their activities at work.

Systems and devices for biometric identification are also useful for quickly enhancing your current security measures. These innovations make it simple to log employees’ attendance using just one fingerprint scan. It is the ideal solution to increase the security of your business while assisting with speedy payroll. To tackle the demotivators of the installation of a time attendance machine, the company policy needs to be flexible and resilient, such that the employees don’t feel stuck working like robots.

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