A case study of Vcare Diagnostics Limited

A case study of Vcare Diagnostics Limited

Project Description: VCare Diagnostics Limited is a medical diagnostics solutions company which has a vision to deliver the best-in-class services and drive sustainable improvements in the health sector as a whole. They are an organization with 80-100 employees who are their main asset. They plan to revolutionize the Healthcare sector in Africa by leveraging and adapting by the global experiences and exposures, to create bespoke solutions to the African markets’ needs.
Vcare Diagnostics Limited head office is located in the heart of Victoria Island, Lagos.
End User: VCare Diagnostics Limited

  1. Vcare required an advance biometric attendance and access control solution


TIME ATTENDANCE Biometric attendance INO1A 1 IN01-A is a fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with built-in 2000 mAh backup battery which can eliminate the trouble of power failure.
ACCESS CONTROL Stand-alone access control device SF-100 7 The SF100 is an IP based fingerprint terminal works both in network and standalone modes. In network mode, it can connect with ZKAccess3.5 software for access control and time attendance management.

The INO1a biometric Attendance Device was installed at the Ground Floor of the Building to enable Employees Clock-in and out, This Device was also converted to serve as an access control device to limit the access of un-wanted visitors to the main administrative building. The INO1A was integrated with our Time and Attendance Management Software Application (TAMS). And they explore the functions of this device at a maximum level.
The SF-100 Access Control Device was install on the First floor, Server Room, Laboratory, and Administrative office to enable full compliance and to make sure that only authorised officers are allowed inside. Other Access Control accessories was also put into use. i.e Magnetic Locks, PL & PZ brackets, Door Closer and many more was also deploy alongside the SF-100 device to achieve the main aim which is limiting the access of un-wanted users or employees into areas where access is controlled.
To get more information on Time and Attendance/Access control or to make inquiries on the deployment of these solution.

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