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What are Smart door locks?

A smart lock is an electrical and mechanical locking device that may be opened remotely with the approval of a trusted client. Smart locks allow a property owner to enter their home or grant access to others without the use of a traditional key.In any event, the customer checks and precisely opens the door from a distance using their cell phone or a critical coxcomb. Shrewd locks are a home security extension of home computerization. Shrewd locks, as an associated device, can be considered as a component of the internet of things (IoT).

Many smart lock systems use mobile apps or websites to allow mortgage holders to grant access to others by sending a virtual key. Virtual keys can be distributed through text message or email, granting access to guests or administrative staff. These encoded electronic keys, once obtained grant access to the dazzling lock for a certain period of time. Many smart locks track access in addition to managing access, providing the resources needed to monitor the usage of a specific entrance. Some innovative locks include a camera that records anyone approaching the entranceway and can be used as a photo diary..


Security risks arise from possible flaws in shrewd locks. Security experts advise that clever locks should not be thought of as being any more secure than a standard lock and scratch and that clients should think carefully about their settings and choices.

In our sector, safety has always played a key role. Regardless, a traditional security lock has a weak point, which is the key. In the event that it is misplaced, the locator might easily acquire access to your lodge. Lock replacement is also costly and time-consuming. Embracing more advanced technological improvements may help you avoid such problems.

Electronic entryway locks, often known as smart locks, are now commonly used in hotels as a cost-effective option. You can use a PIN, a chip card, a distinctive mark, or an application to open them. The utilization of smart locks frameworks is becoming increasingly well-known in the hotel industry. 

           Eight Reasons why you may need a smart door lock

  1. You’ll Never Misplace Your Keys Again: We all misplace our keys. It irritates you for a variety of reasons, such as the fact that you’re stuck in a strong storm when you realize the key has vanished. On a bright day, no one loses their keys. Without a doubt, there’s a small child still following you. Perhaps you’re being followed by a critical other. Both will be eager to tell you about your tendency for misplacing things.. You’ll be bothered by the missing key. You’ll expect it to show up, in the hands of some unscrupulous person, ready to exact heinous revenge by allowing someone inside your home to steal your family’s valuables. That colossal other will eagerly share their knowledge of your proclivity for screwing up. To regulate the tension, you might even choose to replace all of the locks.
  2. Preventing Lockouts: It’s a case of the perfect robe. The pot is heating up, the bread is toasting in the toaster oven, and the eggs are cooking in the microwave (you have no clue how people survived before microwaves). You’re alone at home on a Saturday morning, and you’ve been looking forward to it. Only the paper is missing, so you open the door and dash to the letterbox in your robe. A sickening crash can be heard behind you. The doorway closes and the confirmation that it has secured itself appears.. So there you are, locked out and facing elderly Mrs Wimbledon across the street, as well as the giggling of school-aged children as they pass by on their bicycles. This isn’t the way you had envisioned your week ending. If only you had a smart lock, things would be a lot easier. Before the kettle whistled, you’d march back, input the pin code, and be at the kitchen table.
  3. Beneficial to the Elderly: It’s fantastic to have your grandfather be self-sufficient in his senior years.He’s making good progress, but aging makes up for lost time with each of us. If the worst happens and he has a fall and is unable to get to the door, you can unlock it from a distance or share a pin code with a neighbor or the kind people of St Johns. It’s quite beneficial to know that you may grant individuals access when it’s most needed.
  4. It is no longer essential to use the ‘Covered up Key’: Nobody is fooled by that strange-looking stone by the front door. It’s so weird that there’s only one explanation: the ‘covered up’ key must be hidden. Furthermore, with the painstakingly concealed spare key, the concealing areas are normally recognizable. It’s like leaving your car keys on top of the steering wheel (certain individuals do this you know). Whatever motive you had for needing to hide a key, you can forget about it with a clever lock. That means you can get rid of that strange-looking stone or the plant pot with the dead plant inside.
  5. Perfect for a Batch: During the Christmas season, the traditional family get-together. Time for no apparent reason, giggling, and the occasional brawl as relatives express their ‘adoration’ for one another. It’s not impossible that they’ll become a must for everyone to take some time away from one another at some point. Along these lines, everyone showed up roughly 4 hours later, and bunches were formed. Some are destined for the local tavern. It’s almost a café. Others just want to get out. In any case, there are just two keys to distribute. So, what exactly do you do? One solution is to install a fantastic lock at the door, allowing everyone to have their own pin code.
  6. This is by far the greatest option for an Airbnb: This is one of those innovative applications that will leave you stunned.:This is one of those seamless applications of innovation that will leave you speechless. If you have an Airbnb, you can use a clever lock like the E-LOK to set a pin code that is valid for a specific length of time. Along these lines, you can have it activated for visitor registration and then set it to terminate later when they leave. Any keys or keycards that should be returned are not required. Another option is to use one of those carport lockboxes, or whatever else you can think of. Which is fantastic because a lot of those lockboxes only have one code, which means that unless you change it frequently, your sideline cash producer’s security may be jeopardized.
  7. Contractors can only enter once: Life is a jumble. It’s too difficult to consider stopping everything to ensure you’re home for the project worker who says they’ll be by ‘at sometime before the day’s end when things go wrong and the dishwasher needs to be fixed. With a fantastic lock, you essentially provide an offbeat code to the one-time passage so they can get in and make sure the dishwasher (another amazing piece of technology – how did we ever get by without them?) is completely functional again.
  8. Auto-Locking Capabilities: You arrive at the great gathering only to be plagued by the nagging feeling that you didn’t secure the front door when you left. You and your soul mate are having one of those amazing ‘discussions’ about who didn’t lock the door. So you go home and check, then return to the party, having missed ‘that fascinating thing’ that will be all over the internet media. This is something that a smart door lock will prevent. As a result, the door locks when you close it.. Regardless of whether or not you activate this feature, you can still lock the door remotely.

The most effective innovation addresses a problem. It alters our perceptions of life without requiring us to become acquainted with it. We don’t think about it since it’s so consistent and becomes a part of our daily routine. If we did, we’d probably say something like, “I don’t have the foggiest idea.”


            7 smart locks that you can consider for your home or your hotel


1-DL30B Smart Door Lock

door lock


-Keyless Entry: Use your phone to unlock the door.

– Password for guests: Using your phone, create a ONE-TIME secret word for your visitors, or homesitters.

– Ongoing inquiry: A daily movement log tracks who enters and departs your home minute by minute. Furthermore, with one-of-a-kind keys for each client, you’ll always know who and when unlocks your door.

– Practical: Share codes whenever and wherever you want, including a voice guide with adjustable volume, an emergency backup key, and Bluetooth 4.0.


2- LH4000 Hotel lock

Door lock


The LH4000 is an RFID lock that can read and communicate with visitor and staff cards utilizing cutting-edge 13.56 MHZ Mifare-1 card technology. The supplied lock the executives programming provides you with an easy “one-click” setup; all you have to do now is click.

– Cutting-edge 13.56mhz technology Invention of the MIFARE-1 card

– 5 locks, mortise style, American standard

– Zinc Alloy lodging with gleaming chrome finish 

– Professional inn lock the board programming – single tick setup

– Examine the latest 224 lock exchanges’ trail records.

– In low-battery-power mode, with notice signals

– 70 mm backset


3.LH6000 hotel lock


The ZKTeco LH6000 is a hotel lock that uses cutting-edge 13.56MHz Mifare card technology to read and create visitor and staff cards. The ZKTeco LH6000 is a professionally installed lodging lock. For suitable security, top grade and excellent design are required.

– Cutting-edge 13.56MHz Mifare card technology

– 5 locks, American standard mortise

– Expert programming of the inn lock the board

– Up to 224 review trail records are possible.

– When the battery is low, there are noticeable signals.



The TL300Z is a high-end keypad shrewd lock with Zigbee communication. It provides security execution from all aspects thanks to the robust Zinc Alloy packing and multiple locking methods. The additional Zigbee Gateway allows you to use ZSmart to unlock the door lock from a distance, check the log history, share the temporary or dynamic password, and change the lock’s features.

You can also change the circumstances to send a few messages or perform certain actions, such as delivering a predetermined situation when a relative returns home. The TL300Z will be an excellent choice for private residences, prominent lofts, and temporary rentals, providing clients with a more secure and useful regular routine.


-Full Control: Use your smartphone to unlock and manage the lock from anywhere. -Audio instructions: Simple to use; supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

– Fingerprint Sensor: Check for dry or rough fingers quickly.

– Access code generated at random: Keep your password hidden from inquisitive eyes.

– Temporary Access: Share digital keys with friends or guests for a set period of time. – Smart Alerts: Get real-time messages for low battery, hijacking, and disconnection. – Double lock: Provide an extra layer of security and protection.

– Reversible Design: Can be used in any door opening direction.

– Use cases include private neighborhoods, apartments, and short-term rentals.



The LH3000 works on a 13.56mhz frequency. Mifare-1 card innovation, American standard mortise with five locks, stainless steel dwelling in a silver color


– Card Type: ISO14443  Type-A, S70 4KB/S50 1KB 

– Programming: ZKBiolock Hotel Lock System

Entryway Thickness: 40-55 mm 

– Mortise Type: American Mortise – Type-A, S70 4KB/S50 1KB –



With cutting-edge 13.56MHz card innovation, the LH6500 is a Super Thin Hotel Door Lock. The LH6500 comes with an American standard mortise with five hooks and professional inn lock the board programming.


– Battery low warning blares – 13.56mhz progressed Invention of the Mifare card

– 5 hooks on an American standard mortise

– Open records for the last 224 open opportunities

– Expert lodging lock the board programming can be set up in a single click.


7- LH7500:

door lock


Hotel door lock with a split design and mortise lock that meets EU standards

Features include: 

– a split plan; a record card for open logs

– a twofold lock mode that increases security 

– a European standard mortise lock.

– Expert and free inn lock the executives programming with cutting-edge – 13.56 Mhz Mifare card technology.


To discover more about our various Smart door locks from our wide range of partners, contact SecureTech Nigeria.


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