5 things you should know before you choose a CCTV for your office building

CCTV for your office building

An office is prone to attacks. Planning is not only about making the right location decision but also about choosing the right type of camera based on the requirement. Yes, there are different types of security cameras and each one is designed for a specific purpose.

  1. Understand the Number of CCTV Cameras Your Office Needs

This depends on how many risk-prone areas you have in your office. You need to decide how many CCTV cameras you need. Usually, you need a camera to monitor the main entrance; one or more in the main office, with at least one capturing the images around the vault/vault; one where employees work. Larger offices don’t need more cameras. If you invest in HD cameras, you can cover larger areas and enlarge the movements without losing the clarity of the pictures. 
Be sure to inform staff members before installing CCTV: You must inform your employees and colleagues before installing the  CCTV cameras to monitor their activities. Note, however, that you may not be able to retrieve information if the camera is not connected to your WiFi system. So, for this purpose, your WiFi connection must be strong enough.

  1. Choosing a good CCTV Brand and installation Company: Although it is not difficult to install the office CCTV system yourself, for best results, it is best to hire a good installation company for the purpose. You must be careful to get quality information. of your CCTV system if you don’t hire a good company to install it. Also, you may not be able to install the system in your office if you need to install multiple cameras in different locations. In such conditions, it is advisable to hire the best professional installation service for this purpose. Not only do they install the system according to your needs, but they also show you how to use it properly and optimize its usefulness over time. This careful step will help you install your office CCTV system perfectly and get the best results for a long time.
  2. Secure your security system to deter vandalism

i.Ensure your cameras are placed at a reasonable height to deter vandalism, you also need to secure your cables to ensure bad guys don’t just slip through them Render the cameras cut through . Most people forget that it’s important to ensure that access to the CCTV monitoring room should be restricted to only the security personnel and certain levels of management. Otherwise, anyone can come in, modify the feeds and escape unnoticed. “The harder it is to access quickly, the less chance it will be tampered with or damaged.No Burgler wants to be seen on a 10foot ladder fiddling with a security camera. They’ll pass.”

  1. Prevent security breaches: (Use passwords and encryption) Most internet-based (IP cameras) provide live video feeds that you can access remotely. But that makes them vulnerable to hacking and digital snooping. Security protocols such as WiFi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) can be initiated for greater privacy
  • Change your camera’s default password and use a strong password that is difficult to guess
  • Enable data encryption when setting up your camera 
  • Keep the software up to date latest

  1. Correct installation of the system: It is better to have the camera system installed by a professional. You will understand the best installation considerations and the best way to minimize the use of unnecessary cables. Along with the hardware, you also need to make sure your cameras’ software is up to date. Current updates can be found at www.securtechnig.website com 

5. Full system test: Test cameras; Check if the cameras cover all areas or if there are any blind spots. Are the images sharp or grainy? Can you recognize the faces of your visitors? Do all members of the security team know how to use the surveillance system? These are questions that will be answered once you test the system
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