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Common CCTV installation mistakes

To discourage trespassers, CCTV installation must be done correctly. Given the escalating crime rate, CCTV cameras are no longer a luxury but a necessity. It is one of the most effective strategies to deter burglars and other trespassers before they even approach your property. The issue of how to install the cameras to offer the best level of security still needs to be addressed.

Below are a few mistakes that you must avoid at all costs when installing CCTV

1. The wrong height: Your surveillance cameras’ field of view will be restricted if they are mounted too low to the ground. On cameras facing inside the office, you primarily want to record faces and the upper body; outside the workplace, in places like parking lots, you primarily want to capture full images of cars and license plates.

However, mounting the cameras too high will likely expose them to the weather. The type of camera being used, particularly the angle and field of view it takes, and the object(s) being monitored will determine the optimal placement.

2. Purchasing Inferior-Quality Cameras:  Everyone aspires to operate on a strict budget, but installing a camera of poor quality will ultimately cost you a lot in the long term. This is because the cost of maintaining it will be higher. The cheap camera won’t also have a good lens or resolution. Consider many CCTV camera options, check customer reviews, or ask for professional help, and then pick the one that seems to be the best. High-quality CCTV cameras produce good results with less upkeep.

3. Insufficient Maintenance: Once they are safely installed, your work as the installer of CCTV does not end. To ensure they continue to work well, you must frequently examine their condition. To make sure that your camera doesn’t ever malfunction, proper maintenance is vital. To that end, if the wires are correctly intact, you will find it quite easy to repair and maintain CCTV cameras. If you find any problems during this period, do not fail to reach out to a pro in the field (like us, 🤩).

4. Failure to Purchase the Appropriate Security Camera: Although you should have noticed this issue before installation, it’s possible that you didn’t until the camera was put in place. After installation, you discover that you require a camera with an improved motion detection system or one that can move autonomously. This error might lead to blind spots, extra cameras, or the removal of the current camera. Installing a battery-operated camera in a tight space is another challenge. 

Often the rise in popularity of a camera type might compromise the CCTV system if too few or inappropriate choices of cameras are selected. PTZ cameras in particular are becoming more common since they can monitor threats and are more difficult to predict in terms of their scopes and camera angles. When compared to more conventional cameras, they are occasionally chosen as a solution. Consequently, it is assumed that a single PTZ camera will perform the tasks of two or three standard cameras. Sometimes that isn’t possible, which leaves the CCTV system underpowered and unable to capture all workplace activity.

Sometimes, the strategic use of several regular cameras makes for a more robust system than one of a few PTZ cameras. In general, it’s important to pick the right camera for your workplace’s requirements. SecureTech will provide you with complete assistance in selecting the appropriate hardware for a reliable CCTV system that is specifically designed for your place of business. Instead of merely buying an off-the-shelf generic system that might not be what your premises need, our experts and professionals will make sure you receive the greatest equipment for the money and professional installation and guidance if needed.

5. Fewer than Required CCTV Cameras: Depending on the size of your facilities, you need to install a sufficient number of CCTV cameras. A three-bedroom apartment with one or two cameras will be the same as the same unit without CCTV cameras. You must install a sufficient number of CCTV cameras to achieve maximum security.

6. Cameras facing each other: To effectively cover the area that has to be monitored, many cameras are frequently required. Having cameras facing each other and “caught” in each other’s scope is a frequent error. Images may get distorted as a result of one camera picking up the infrared light of the other in this situation. Make sure the placement’s angle prevents it from happening.

7. Not Activating Alerts:  You have a lot of responsibilities. You can’t spend the entire day in front of a monitor watching CCTV footage. When choosing a CCTV camera for installation, ensure it has a signaling feature or motion detection that alerts you immediately if someone tries to get into your property. This will allow you to call the police as soon as possible, minimizing the chance of harm.

8. Not Hiring Professionals for CCTV Camera Installation: It would be a mistake to install the CCTV camera yourself. For the installation of CCTV cameras, you must choose licensed and experienced experts because they have the skills and tools required. When installing a CCTV camera on your property, you must avoid making the aforementioned typical blunders. Find a dependable security system provider who can offer you high-quality cameras. Additionally, for the best security, employ qualified installers who can strategically position the cameras.

Preparation is the key to success when it comes to surveillance. Before you even get started, always know what your goals are, both short-term and long-term. For every camera that you buy, make sure you have a plan for how you’re going to use that camera. And when you’re just starting, be sure to invest in compatible equipment that you can eventually grow with.

If you feel prepared to start purchasing your equipment now, browse our selection of top-of-the-line video surveillance products. If you’re not quite at that place yet, we get it. That’s why we’re here. We want you to be prepared for anything and everything. Contact our experts today and let us help you put your system together.

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