Hotel Management Solution Process

Hotel Management SolutionWhether small-medium hotels, maximum security are expected, also putting in mind individual style and low operation costs for the company. With a comprehensive access control and system management and an easy “one-click” installation will be a perfect solution for any organization.
Key Features that must be considered when procuring a Hotel Management Solution:

  • Web-based Multi-location Hotel Management Solution
  • Seamless Integration with Access Control and Elevator module
  • Check-in, check-out and reservation for hotel guest
  • Create master, building, door and other employee cards
  • Create record card to get the unlock logs from the hotel lock
  • Matrix design allows you to see the room status
  • Advance Payment Option – Hotel Consumption Management
  • Room usage report sent automatically from system
  • Changeable company’s logo on the printing list

Let’s Start with the Elevator Control
Levels Assigned by Users
A hotel lock should be connected to the elevator, once the hotel lock is connected to the elevator and access control module, an elevator control will allow different user to access doors, it should be assigned with different rights, and unauthorized users will not be allowed to access those important doors. In the actual implementation, users have to present card on the elevator, and the elevator will allow user to reach to the assigned level. This will enable the security management of the whole building elevator access control using the elevator controller installed on each elevator card.
Intuitive Design – Web Based Reservation Management
Hotel Module (Room Door Lock) has an intuitive design which is easy to understand without explanation. It mostly combines RFID lock technology with the freedom to choose the door access right for the guest. The software should be as simple as just simply click in the room no. that guest would like to stay on, Hotel guests should gain access to the assigned rooms with the card within the corresponding date and time.
Web Based Registration Management
Elevator control allows the guest to stop the elevator on the specific time, and grants elevator to operate if the elevator to work if there is a booking for the other location. For example, to reserve the hotel room for and the elevator, the hotel staff just simply click out the corresponding date and time via the solution provider software web based platform. This proven and recognized procedure can prevent the guest re-enter the hotel room and the elevator with the lost card.
Report Lost Card
Guests are given the hotel card upon registration at the reception, if the guests lose their hotel room, there should be a function that allows hotel staff to just simply adopt a “Report Lost Card” function and make a new card to replace the lost card. Swipe the new card on the right door lock which will therefore activate the new card and remove lost/ stolen cards’ data from the system.
Advance Payment Option of Consumption Management
Hotels guests often need to make payments by cash or credits. The software should offers an advanced option for guests to pay later when checking out. By simply presenting the hotel cards after having meal wherever at hotel lounges, coffee shops or restaurants, and guests may pay charges when leaving the hotel.
ZKBioSecurity Hotel Management System has specially designed a suitable solution

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