How Flour Mills of Nigeria Leveraged the Benefits of Turnstiles

How Flour Mills of Nigeria Leveraged the Benefits of Turnstiles 

How Flour Mills of Nigeria Leveraged the Benefits of Turnstiles 

In today’s world, security is an increasing concern for many organizations. From the dangers posed by an influx of crowds to the risk posed by intruders, organisations across Nigeria and Africa have recognised the benefits of turnstile systems as one of the best ways of improving physical security and controlling access. Read on to learn more about the benefits of turnstile systems.

Unlike doors, turnstiles limit the number of people who can enter or exit on each presented credential, as well as controlling the direction of passage. To enter through a turnstile, a person must first present a valid credential. This signals the barriers to unlock and allow one person to pass before immediately relocking. Some turnstiles have enhanced detection features to recognize and notify of instances such as tailgating, loitering, and forced passage. An unauthorized entry attempt will trigger an alarm, notify the user and alert the control center of the conflict.


Benefits of Turnstiles over Doors

  • Improved Security: turnstiles provide superior access control by both detecting and deterring unauthorized entries.
  • Access Control Integration: turnstiles easily integrate with a building’s access control system, which allows turnstiles to work in conjunction with doors, cameras and other security equipment to ensure only specific cleared individuals are using the entry., as well as providing information like the specific identity, time, and location of each person who entered and exited the facility. 
  • Operational Flexibility: turnstiles enhance facility operations by streamlining the entry process. They accommodate a wide array of credential readers, allowing facilities the option of using virtually any type of media to authorize entry, including barcodes, magnetic stripe, proximity cards (RFID/NFC) or biometrics. 



Due to the aforementioned benefits, amongst others, renowned organisations like Flour Mill of Nigeria Plc Apapa Bulk Terminal recently engaged SecureTech for a cutting-edge turnstile installation. Flour Mill of Nigeria Plc Apapa Bulk Terminal which provides a spectrum of facilities in terms of consolidations, warehousing, open storage areas, packing, repair facilities, and even office complexes. In doing so, it continues to add tremendous value to the logistics chain and in meeting the expectation of port users and stakeholders by offering services such as:

  1. Transit warehousing for import and export cargo
  2. Bonded warehousing, which enables importers to store cargo and ask for partial releases, thereby deferring duty payment
  3. Network cargo distribution and delivery

Flour Mill of Nigeria Plc now joins over 1,000 SecureTech clients across Nigeria and West Africa. SecureTech is a leading player in Nigeria’s security solutions sector with over 10 years’ experience facilitated by strong international partnerships and franchises and a solid reputation of successful nationwide implementation and management of security technology systems for major players in banking, oil and gas, construction, education, manufacturing, and facilities management sectors – attributes such as these have made SecureTech a renowned security solutions provider and an enterprise shield of choice for small, medium and large organizations.

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