ZKTeco Horus Mini

ZKTECO HORUS MINI TIME AND ATTENDANCE FACIAL RECOGNITION ZKTeco Horus Mini takes touchless biometrics to the next level by using advanced recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology to recognize faces against a large capacity the database at high speed. By using Visible Light Facial Recognition the recognition distance has been greatly extended up…

ZKTeco Canteen Management Solution


User-friendly interface for food selection

Digital token system for seamless customer service

Multi-biometric based user/staff login

Real-time monitoring of food items & their consumption

Facilitates financial transaction & billing

Supports pre-ordering via the mobile app

ZKTeco SpeedFace V4L

Linux-based hybrid biometric Time & Attendance and Access Control with Visible Light facial recognition and palm recognition


  • Visible light facial recognition
  • Anti-spoofing algorithm against print attack (laser, color and B / W photos), video attack and 3D mask attack
  • Multiple verification methods: Face / Palm / Card / Password
  • Available card modules: 125 kHz ID card (EM) / 13.56 MHz IC card (MF)
  • Light supplement with adjustable brightness
  • The capacity of 800 facial templates, 800 palm templates

SpeedFace-V5L TD

  • Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Deep Learning built-in.
  • Multiple verification with Fingerprint, RFID and Facial Recognition.
  • 5-inch touch LCD.
  • Dual-camera for real-time face detection.
  • 6,000 face templates capacity.

SBTL8033 with Temperature Measurement

  • Body temperature detection
  • Instant facial recognition in 0.3s
  • Servomotor - faster gate opening speed
  • 10 pairs of infrared sensors for stronger tailgate detection
  • SUS304 stainless casing
  • Higher durability for longer product life cycle