Paxton of net2 Entry updates her software to make remote management more convenient for users

Paxton Connect is a remote site management tool developed by Paxton for buildings protected using the company’s well-known Paxton Net2 Entry networked access control system, as well as the company’s newest platform Paxton10, which integrates video management and access control.
The software allows users to unlock a door from anywhere in the globe with an internet connection using their smartphone or tablet. It allows administrators to remove and change user information, as well as determine whether or not they are safe in an emergency, by delivering real-time updates and event reports on user location.
“It adds additional functionality and speeds up connection times. This simplifies and speeds up site management.”

Paxton updates her software to make remote management more convenient

Paxton‘s development team is well-known for developing security solutions based on real-time feedback from installers and end-users. The Paxton Connect app’s current edition is no exception. “The app has been totally overhauled, giving it a new appearance and feel, but most significantly, the new version improves usability and user experience.”
It comes with more functions and has a quicker connection time. This simplifies and speeds up site management.”
Installers and their end-users now have access to a huge range of sites with the updated version of the app, and they will have a faster connection, resulting in faster and more dependable service. They will also gain access to and control their system more easily thanks to an upgraded biometric login procedure.
Jeremy Allison, Senior Product Manager for Paxton Concludes; We’re always improving our solutions to assist you to deal with the real-world issues that come up while running a Paxton site. We’re really proud of this latest Paxton Connect version, and we hope our installers and users will agree.”
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