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  • Multipurpose facial recognition smart device.
  • 32-inch touch LCD.
  • 10,000 face templates capacity.
  • 100,000 attendance record capacity.


  • FaceKiosk-V32, our multipurpose facial recognition smart device with android system and 32-inch touch screen in order to provide friendly and interactive user experience.
  • The Android operating system brings you unlimited potential to formulate you solution and FaceKiosk-V32 which designed for simple installation also provided along with a wall mount,will always best-fit in the working environment.
  • FaceKiosk-V32 can undergo further development and change into the best solution for time and attendance, access control, meeting assisting, self-service Kiosk. It can also change into an advertisement display panel, user may simply upload advertising photos and videos from USB drives.


  • Multi-language
  • Fast verification recognition distance of 1-5 meters, simultaneous dynamic recognition of 3-5 people
  • Support as many as 10,000 facial templates and 100,000 attendance records
  • Dynamic advertisement display
  • Interactive operation experiences
  • Support TCP/IP, WIFI, USB Host, Blue-tooth
  • Enhanced security level anti-spoofing liveness detection
  • Unique registration, one facial template per user
  • Strong flexibility and adaptability in application

FaceKiosk-V32 uses and applications

The FaceKiosk series devices with Android smart multipurpose platform and visible-light facial recognition can be customized for specific solutions and applications, such as:

  • Restaurants: QSR Ordering
  • Healthcare: Hospital Registration Platforms
  • Airport and Border Security: Passport-Free Travel Boarding & fast Baggage Checks
  • Education: Institutions access to services
  • Hospitality: Casinos & hotels check-ins platforms

Is Facial Recognition the Future of the Fast Food Industry?
Consumers are becoming more open to technology-driven ordering. Facial recognition ordering is literally a snap helping customers place orders faster by making the process as easy as possible. Using one of the FaceKiosks, customers are asked if they would like saving their order, and if so, the FaceKiosk will take a picture of you and save it into the system. Next time you come to the store it will recognize you and ask if you’d like your last order or will also be good for order recommendations. If you say yes, you swipe your card, and you’re done! That transaction takes about four seconds, which is really “fast” food ordering in comparison to existing mobile apps that sometimes don’t work correctly and the customer has limited space issue on their smartphone, and limited patience as well. Customers using the FaceKiosks-V32, love the experience and adaptation to these devices has become multigenerational, especially with customers who have very particular and customized tastes or needs.

Facial Recognition helps to reduce hospitals wait times by streamlining the check-in process:
For many people, checking into a clinic can be a frustrating and time-consuming affair. Now there is a way to make the process more seamless by using facial biometric data and a touch screen. Imagine the device relies on the company’s universal database of patient information which links all the patient’s medical records so that they are easily available when the individual checks-in at a clinic. The system would not only speed up the check-in process, but it also makes it easier for physicians to carry out a diagnosis because the patient’s history is readily available.

Is facial recognition the key to solve today’s travel challenges?
Facial Recognition decreases wait-time while it increases efficiency in Airport Security. Can Facial Recognition be used to speed up baggage checks? When looking at biometric innovations that are making consumers’ travel experiences more enjoyable, standouts include passport-free airline boarding along with hassle-free baggage checks.

Contactless airport face-based security system ensures a smooth, passenger-focused process that takes minimal effort and time for travellers without compromising on safety. Facial recognition technology is being used to simplify, speed-up and improve the airport security boarding process. Imagine a device equipped to capture the facial features of a traveller, along with their boarding pass and other pertinent information. This allows technology to do all the work of verifying a person’s identity, making it possible for travellers to board a plane without showing their documents.

Few airports are known for their nimble speed, but facial recognition used for baggage check technology promises to speed up the process. The self-serve bags drop machines that will verify travellers’ identities using facial recognition when dropping off bags. The traveller will use their passport image and their own face to prove their identity to the machines. Once that (notably quick) process is complete, they’ll be able to load their bags and send them away without any more hassle.

Why can Universities, Schools & Colleges benefit from facial recognition systems?
Now schools and other educational institutions can benefit from this technology by achieving better security and accuracy in student attendance tracking. There are many areas within a school where students are required to identify themselves to access services. These areas include the cafeteria, library, class attendance, etc. The commonly used identification methods such, ID cards, PINs, card punches, etc. pose many challenges and have certain limitations. These methods are unable to provide accurate identification and are slow in managing queues for those services especially when students are in a hurry.

Fast forward check-in to Hotels, Casinos and Futuristic Security
Traditional check-in formalities never seem to come along with what guests want and become a time-consuming affair. Skipping check-in formalities may not be entirely possible but it is quite feasible to accelerate the process in a way that it quickly sets you free from the reception desk. The system can also alert key personnel to make sure valuable guests get the VIP treatment and their preferences are tracked. In-house facilities like pool, spa, casino, fitness club, etc. can be secured with biometric recognition, which provides a privileged guest frictionless entry to these spaces. Application of FaceKiosks in casinos, help apply ‘blacklists’ to help prevent workplace violence, identifying individuals who are part of voluntary exclusion programs and ensure they can’t gamble.

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