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? Ultra heavy-duty electromechanical rotation locking mechanism
? Bi-directional operation
? Designed by professional engineers
In terms of the price, is the turnstile supplied complete or are there any hidden extras?
Turnstar units are supplied 100% complete. Control panels are ready for power and data connections. Reader mounting
brackets are available for full height turnstiles for the mounting of access readers, ticketing equipment, pushbuttons
and coin or token acceptors.
What are the running costs?
With a long-established reputation for being exceptionally reliable and durable, Turnstar turnstiles are built to give
years of cost-free and fault-free service with no routine maintenance. Our products are a fit-and-forget solution.
Is this turnstile robust enough for the job? Am I going to have failures during service?
Turnstar products are designed for the harshest of environments and have become the standard for Africa?s mining
industry, which is known for extreme operating conditions. Production is carried out by state-of-the-art CNC machinery
and robotic welding, all of which provide products of the highest quality and to the tightest of tolerances.
How long is the guarantee and is this an extra cost?
Turnstar?s industry leading Five-Year Guarantee is included in the purchase price.
What does the guarantee cover?
All mechanical components, including ratchet disk and locking pawls, are covered by the Turnstar Five-Year Guarantee.
The control panel, microswitches and solenoids are covered by a one-year guarantee.
Can you trust the turnstile supplier?
Established in 1990, Turnstar has manufactured and sold over 20 000 turnstiles. Our customers range from the world?s
largest blue chip corporations to single-site retailers. As one of the world?s leading manufacturers, we have an
unrivalled reputation for outstanding products backed by superior customer service.
Will the turnstile work with all types of access systems?
Turnstar turnstiles operate with all forms of electronic access control, ticketing and time & attendance systems. In
addition, they can be operated with pushbutton controls, remote transmitters and coin or token acceptors.
What will happen to the turnstile in the event of a power failure?
The turnstile can be factory-set for either fail-secure (auto-lock on power failure) or fail-safe (auto-unlock on power
failure) operation. The turnstile can also be unlocked by means of the mechanical key override which is supplied
standard with the turnstile. A battery backup system is also available on request, which will provide normal operation
under conditions of no power.
What other products are available with the turnstile?
Turnstar manufactures pedestrian gates and security barriers for use with all our turnstiles. We also supply special
colours, and manufacture turnstiles in custom sizes and designs.

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