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  • Fisheye camera
  • STARVIS™ Technology
  • Vista Event Boost™ technology
  • 12.5ips at 5MP
  • D-WDR, BLC, VCA, privacy zones and motion detection
  • ONVIF Profile S compliant
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The VK2-5MP360INT Fisheye camera 360°x182° lens (extreme wide angle) allows a single camera to cover a whole room from one central point with no blind spots.

The 5MP sensor produces superb image quality, and the control software allows the operator to pan/tilt and zoom within the image in both live and play back modes. Making it an excellent tool for post-event investigation. The advanced algorithms within the cameras software allow the circular 360° image to be “de-warped” into usable video while mounted either on a ceiling or wall. This de-warping allows the image to be displayed in various modes such as a quad of 4 separate images or a top bottom split of 182° each. The compact housing (Only 119mm diameter) is based on Vistas very popular VFD cameras, so allows it to fit onto standard pole mount brackets, ideal for use in warehouse or large retail applications. The cameras Digital WDR functions allows excellent quality images to be produced even when used in areas where there are large variations in light levels. The cameras is fully ONVIF compliant and can be used with many third party VMS manufacturers as well as with Vista’s “qulu” VMS and the VIPER PoE NVR.

  • Fisheye camera: Get a full 360° overview of your area, with full dewarping of the image via Viper Central, qulu and other compatible VMS.
  • STARVIS™ Technology: Uses Sony’s latest 1/3″ back illuminated CMOS technology to deliver exceptional quality colour images in low light scenes, where typically only black and white images would have been achievable
  • Vista Event Boost™ technology: The VK2 cameras can be set for lower frame rates but in the event of motion detection, the camera will automatically increase to real-time recording making sure you never miss important information
  • 12.5ips at 5MP
  • D-WDR, BLC, VCA, privacy zones and motion detection
  • ONVIF Profile S compliant
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