ZKTeco Canteen Management Solution

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User-friendly interface for food selection

Digital token system for seamless customer service

Multi-biometric based user/staff login

Real-time monitoring of food items & their consumption

Facilitates financial transaction & billing

Supports pre-ordering via the mobile app


ZKTeco Canteen Management Solution

The ZKTeco canteen management software has a different module that can make business easy, convenient, and fast for the customer to make orders, which is integrated with a biometric fingerprint that makes your business safe.

Canteen Management Solution allows item tracking, secure and speedy transactions; prevents wastage of food and error in accounting. It helps management to handle the users smoothly thus reducing the waiting time for the users.

  • Helps in resource/raw material planning for canteen
  • Prevent food wastage
  • Secure and speedy transactions
  • Reduce administrative work
  • Eliminates human error in accounting
  • Increase efficiency by speeding up the overall process
  • Reports for quick interpretation of consumption
  • Increase user’s satisfaction

More Detailed Features

 1. It has a stunning UI for convenient user experience:  

Multipurpose facial recognition smart device provides a user-friendly interface for the food category list and other food-related operations. The device is driven by visible light facial recognition technology to identify customers by means of facial attributes. The device is built with the android operating system and offers stunning features such as a wide touch screen for interactive user experience, customer self-service, advertisement display panel, etc, providing a luxurious experience to the customers.

 2. It has a FaceKiosk Series:

The FaceKiosk Series are multipurpose facial recognition smart devices offering various customizable functions. With the system development kit available, the device can be integrated into multiple business functions and operations as well as with other devices via secondary development in no time.



 3. Digital Menu & Self-Ordering System:

FaceKiosk devices provide a virtual canteen menu displaying various food categories of a particular day and enable customers to interact and choose the food items of their interest and automatically removes food items that are no longer available reducing the work burden of canteen staff and providing new level experience to the users.

ZK Standalone access control terminals can be linked with the canteen modules such as billing printers and cafeteria software. Furthermore, Customer biometric details can be pre-registered with the terminals and at the time of food ordering and buying, the customers will automatically be recognized and the respective details of the food ordering and billing will automatically be registered with the easy Cafeteria Software Solution for a convenient financial transaction or for future reference.

 4. SpeedFace Series:

SpeedFace Series are standalone multi-biometric access control terminals with visible light facial recognition technology.


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