Notus Fingerprint access control terminal

Notus is an RFID and Fingerprint access control terminal with a built-in web server. Additionally, Notus serves as a component in the Video Intercom system. It has an HD camera (2MP/1080p) on it, and a built-in microphone and speaker for two-way audio and one-way video communication.
Boom Barrier

What is a Boom Barrier or Boom Gate?

A boom barrier is an essential security measure used to regulate entrance into both private and public locations and to manage vehicle entry and exit into such premises. The parking lots of numerous indoor facilities, such as hotels, condominiums, supermarkets, malls, and industrial infrastructure, are where boom barriers are most frequently employed. Boom barriers are…


The QR code Reader is a new generation of intelligent access control card readers. The product has a high scanning speed, high recognition rate, strong compatibility. It can be connected to any access controller that supports Wiegand input. The reader adapts to various application scenarios and identifies almost all kinds of RFID cards and QR…

MultiBio 800-H

MultiBio 800-H is a time attendance and access control terminal for face and fingerprint verification. Using ZK lastest ZKFACE 7.0 high-speed face recognition algorithm, it has extremely high verification speed and low error rate. With its high-resolution infrared night vision light and professional color duo camera, the terminal can carry out quick verification in any…

Suprema FaceLite

  • Day and night with confidence.
  • Smart place for your smart card.
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • All your cards, All in one device
  • Security and privacy protection

Zkteco BioPad 100

  • Super size 7 inches touch screen.
  • Wi-Fi facilitates operations by eliminating cabling effort.
  • Network communication ensures the reliable data delivery
  • Built-in USB port allows manual data transfer when network isn't available
  • With built-in 300,000 cameras capturing real-time photos ensures the accuracy of identification.
  • Support proximity, Mifare or HID card as optional features.

ML10-ID Smart Door Lock

  • American standard single latch for easy replacement and installation
  • With the new generation fingerprint recognition algorithm
  • External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery
  • Touch to open

ML10B Smart Door Lock

  • Easy to install
  • External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery
  • With the new generation fingerprint recognition algorithm
  • Support blue-tooth connection,door unlocking and user management by ZKBioBT App