Boom Barrier

What is a Boom Barrier or Boom Gate?

A boom barrier is an essential security measure used to regulate entrance into both private and public locations and to manage vehicle entry and exit into such premises. The parking lots of numerous indoor facilities, such as hotels, condominiums, supermarkets, malls, and industrial infrastructure, are where boom barriers are most frequently employed. Boom barriers are also present in toll booths, where boom barriers are specifically designed for highway tolls.

A boom barrier is what you come across as you drive out of a parking facility and are prevented from accessing the street by a horizontal bar.

These simple and effective gates increase security while regulating the flow of cars in and out of various locations. Boom barriers can be controlled with a remote, a push button, or an RFID card. When the “open” feature is activated, the barrier rises vertically to make way for traffic.

How do the boom gates work?

Boom gates can be classified as either manual or automatic. Originally operated by hand, automatic gates are now used in heavy industrial activities, commercial and industrial locations, and parking lots due to their varying demands.

The boom gate’s counterbalance system makes it simple to tip the boom, which rises vertically at its apex. To improve approach visibility, some gates also include second bars, and others have a halfway pivot. Simple locking mechanisms are used in manual boom gates like this one to make the process of raising and lowering the boom pole easier.

Boom gates that operate automatically are the preferred kind because they are reliable for maintaining continual movement and have small, efficient access control mechanisms. Automatic boom gates are excellent solutions for businesses like offices and retail centers for greater security because they don’t produce heat. Automation is more practical by incorporating mechanical and hardware elements into the access control system software.

10 Benefits of Boom Barrier

We’ve listed the top 10 advantages of boom gates below.

1. Enhanced security

These days, both business and residential properties need to be secure. You can allow or prohibit vehicles from entering your property by erecting a boom gate based on their credentials. A car cannot access your property if you don’t want it to.

Using a boom gate, you can keep track of and log the registration information for each and every vehicle that enters and exits your property.

2. Control the traffic flow

The greatest approach to regulating traffic entering and leaving your property is using boom gates. This is crucial for sites with few parking places that frequently draw many automobiles.

You may manage how many vehicles are on your property at any given moment by using a boom gate. Additionally, you can bar admission if your parking lot is already full.

3. Reduce security expenses.

Long-term, a boom gate will save you money on security expenses. The installation of the boom gate security system will cost you once, but after that, maintenance costs are minimal.

A boom gate can frequently replace or assist a security guard. Once it is implemented, you won’t have to pay for continuing security.

4. Profit from parking lots

A boom gate with a ticketing system is the ideal solution to generate income if you have a parking lot. They will be obliged to accept a ticket as soon as a car approaches, and the boom gate won’t allow them to leave until they have paid for their parking period.

Parking fees can be a very profitable business, particularly if your facility has a car park in a prominent or central position.

5. Immediately private

Are you tired of folks driving by your property and acting strangely? In that case, a boom gate will instantly provide you with privacy.

A boom gate is an excellent option if you own commercial property and want to safeguard your intellectual property, and business secrets, and stop theft. Additionally, a boom gate can safeguard your inhabitants’ privacy if you operate a residential building.

6. Effective space use

A boom gate system is the most space-efficient type of gate there is. Sliding gates and swinging gates need more room at the entrance. A boom gate, on the other hand, just requires a tiny amount of vertical space to swing upwards.

7. Long-lasting

Boom gates are incredibly strong and long-lasting. They require little maintenance and are designed to tolerate some wear and tear. Boom gates are a safe and reliable automatic security barrier since they have minimal moving parts. They are also simple to install and maintain.

8. Simple exit in case of a power outage

A boom gate can be manually operated and switched to open if there is a power outage on your property. Vehicles will be able to leave quickly and safely as a result.

9. Easy Integration with Security Equipment

To operate more safely and effectively, these security gates can be quickly combined with RFID, cameras that read license plates, and other access control technology. Additionally, when coupled with a number plate reader, it can restrict vehicle passage until valid authentication has been achieved. Due to the whole record being captured, this offers a second layer of protection.

10. Convenience

Now, with the implementation of the automatic boom barrier, the visitor’s convenience increases as it automatically opens once you are successfully verified. Instead of getting out of the car to manually open the gate, you can drive through the gate, authenticating your identity through RFID readers.

Apart from its benefits, some other key points are required to be known before its implementation. Here are some of the key operational modes of boom barriers.

  • Push Buttons
  • Remote Control
  • RFID Tags/ RFID Readers
  • Access Control Device
  • Number Plate Recognition Camera

Boom barriers are now available for use in all residential and commercial places where it is necessary to monitor the entrance and exit of vehicles and guests, such as:

  • Shopping malls or commercial buildings
  • Residential apartments as well as domestic places
  • Public buildings like colleges, hotels, parks, and hospitals
  • Parking areas for staff in private and public places
  • Toll plaza and booths
  • Hotel parking lots.
  • In airports.

SecureTech Nigeria provides world-class entrance security products, including boom barriers, swing barriers, tripod turnstiles, and several other entrance products. SecureTech boom barriers are installed at multiple locations across the nation at various commercial and residential places, ensuring the safety and security of the surroundings. SecureTech Nigeria supplies and installs boom gates for our commercial clients in construction, government, facilities management, and property development. For more information, please contact the team today.

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