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Securetech Diary – First Edition

This begins the chronicles of a new chapter: The Securetech Diary. A record of incidents that have happened in the past and the roles of security solutions in these events. The first edition of this diary reads below;

A Mother’s Misunderstanding | Securetech Diary

One of the technologically inclined schools that we installed our CCTV solution for about three years ago has been saved from the barrage of harassment from the parent of a ward in their school.

Apart from using the cameras to study the behavioral patterns of wards, secure their school, protect their staff and many others, they have also been able to get to the root of a challenging situation wherein a parent’s claim of their ward being sexually harassed by the school’s security officer was proved false. 

Stay with me…

The first incident of the term happened when the parent of a ward came in one morning with police officers, to arrest the security guard of the school. The security guard was unjustly accused of sexually harassing a pupil the previous day.

As a result of this news, the school staff and operation managers were disorganized and thrown into disarray until they checked the newly serviced CCTV from SecureTech Nigeria that had captured the activity of the said child from her time of resumption in the morning to exit at closing as well as that of the security guard.

After a thorough investigation and reviewing of the footage by several officers of the Nigerian police force, it was then discovered that the sexual assault that the parents of the ward claimed was a misunderstanding and that in fact, nothing relating to that occurred within the school premises.

The school authorities breathed a sigh of relief after investigations were wrapped up as they didn’t have to deal with any case of sexual misconduct, which would have reflected poorly on the school.

This is one of the numerous benefits of installing a CCTV solution, so if your school has not yet had SECURETECH NIGERIA install CCTV, please consider the benefits of having it installed because a lack of it could result in the same situation being discussed, if not worse. It’s better to be safe than sorry, as the saying goes. Remember, don’t ruin your school’s reputation for something you could easily avoid.

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