1. USAGE OF SIGNAGE: In different car packs, signage is critical; every portion of the park should be identified, and it will also assist users in locating their vehicles. Signage placed in strategic locations can assist in alerting users to potential threats. Operators or owners of parking spaces, for example, can post signs advising cars to slow down and indicating when they are approaching a steep curve or a bump. Therefore there should be a notice in the parking lot indicating the use of CCTV systems. Signs directing drivers to lock their vehicles and remove valuables from their vehicles should be posted near parking spots. As a user is going into the premises, it’s important to look out for signages and warnings to be on the safe side.
  2. INVESTMENT IN CCTV SYSTEM: We understand how difficult things are presently in Nigeria for a lot of people financially but some amenities like the CCTV Cameras are very important in safeguarding your premises, there are some very affordable ones with simple features that you purchase nevertheless, It is also advisable to purchase the Best brand with the most unique features.

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 Surveillance cameras should be placed in strategic locations across a parking lot so that there are few or no blind spots for criminals to exploit therefore Individuals who desire to conduct crime will be deterred by the CCTV  . The camera can also assist you in identifying people who enter your parking lot and alerting security officers on the ground. Because security workers watching the camera feeds may identify a stranger, the criminals become even easy to catch. This technique could also work for general parking lots with additional intelligence. 
     Personally, I wouldn’t be very comfortable parking my car in a building without any CCTV Cameras or surveillance systems, in such scenarios as a visitor or a guest, you may need to put on your anti-theft car alarm ON to prevent theft
3. VEHICLE BARRIERS: At the entrance and exit locations of parking lots, there should be barriers. These barriers can be controlled electronically or by having a security guard present.

Some parking lots are encircled by towering fences or other security features that are meant to keep intruders out. Gates can also be used to limit entry during off-peak hours.
4. LIGHTNING AT THE PARKING SPACE: Poor lighting is problematic for parking lots/spaces, especially if they are underground or in tiers; you will be in the dark even during the day, which is good news for thieves; unlike parking spaces that are out in the open, you will only be in the dark late at night. Putting money into Better parking lot illumination can lower the dangers of vehicle break-ins and, in the long run, avoid vehicle theft, assault, and vandalism.
5. ENSURING IMPROVED SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM: A security guard’s duties are not confined to the entrance and exit points; they are also necessary at parking lots and spaces. They keep track of the number of automobiles in the parking lots and conduct regular foot patrols. some criminals may avoid auto theft because they know they will be caught, but we have discovered a handful of other crimes ranging from phone theft to vandalism and severe assault. Employing additional security guards for your parking places isn’t a bad idea; when combined with your facility’s existing CCTV system, a security guard’s foot patrol will substantially improve your monitoring system.
They also make certain that vehicles are correctly placed so that one does not obstruct or block another from exiting the parking area.
6.Issuance of Pass at the Entrance: Every vehicle that enters and exits your facility must be accounted for. This is best done by security personnel at the point of entry, whose job it is to conduct a routine search of all vehicles entering and exiting the facility. Only vehicles possessing a customized pass from the facility will be allowed to exit. 
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