The outcome of neglecting access management

The Outcome Of Neglecting Access Management


 The outcome of neglecting access management; What will be the direction of this world without a proper management system?  Think of how much confusion and pandemonium it would result in. Everyone in an organization, no matter the pedigree, title, or status would have a go through access to all the company’s data and information. Employees would be able to tamper and make do of secured data of the organization, For example, payroll and customer information. The big issue is that many organizations often have tiny access management structures in place, even to the extent of managing their access right is zero or nothing to place a hold of. Lack of proper access management, will increase security risk and lose track of who has access to details leading to a security breach. 

Here are 5 key important common issues that organizations will experience when a proper measured access management system is not considered. 


This one of the important issues organizations would face when they don’t have control or report of who accesses the Data and Applications of the organization. Basically many companies put their focus more on intruders or security hackers invading their network. Honestly, I’m not saying it’s bad but the truth is that the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. Bringing it back to perspective many security breaches done successfully usually come from employees working in the organization.
This is why it is of great essence that all employees should only have access to resources that are known to their job jurisdictions Because companies or industries deal with highly sensitive information and data of their clients. For Instance, Would you allow the new intern to access a highly secured sensitive data and information of the company? Think about it.


This is one aspect some organizations handle in less preference. Companies most of the time forget to disable old employee access to some sensitive data which may result in uncontrollable issues. Having a proper access management system will help control and ensure that an old employee cannot have access to sensitive data of your company. 


 Some companies sometimes disregard the importance of access management in their organization. Most of the time is usually an issue when the time for audit is near it becomes a problem most times to gather all of the information that complies with the audit results. Audits and compliance laws are very important to be highly considered.  So when you then allow all employees to have access to all the companies’ data systems and applications, you put your company at huge risk also breaching security protocols.


A world without proper access management will definitely sprout up a lot of hiccups in many security issues, also a high risk of breaching sensitive data. Adhering to a proper access management system will reduce risk and unforeseen security breaches. Sometimes we hear talks like the company being defrauded by an old employee, though stealing is bad the company’s negligence played a lot more. The best process to ensure the security of your company’s data and application is to create and manage the user access right of all the employees. This will help to monitor employees’ usage both in the job functions and also cloud base.
Many of you may be asking what solution can efficiently control this high-security issue in your organization without having security breaches. Don’t worry you made the right choice by reading my blog. Here are a few tested and result-able software that can help you efficiently manage your employees and control the risk of being unauthorized access easily, assign appropriately, communicate seamlessly, and make workflows simpler and more efficient with flexible schedules fraud, or unforeseen occurrences:


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