Security turnstiles at recreational centres

Benefits of Security Turnstiles at Recreational Centers

Why You Should Consider Security Turnstiles For Recreational Centers

Security is a major concern in the world today. From hackers accessing valuable information to intruders threatening the safety of people and property, organisations are recognizing the need for better and advanced security. To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities, one of the best options is often the use of security turnstiles to control not only employees but also visitors’ access. This is why deploying a turnstile at recreational centres is a security measure to really consider.

No doubt recreational centres experience an influx of people large at once, reception staffs can become overwhelmed as they work to manage the entrance and handle other administrative tasks. This creates the risk of unauthorized entry into the facility by non-members and “friends of friends.” Today, recreational centers around the country are deploying security turnstiles, integrated with membership management systems, to provide reliable entrance security as well as data collection. Let’s explore some of the benefits of this turnstile technology.

 (1) Efficient Throughput, Efficient Reception Staff

When turnstiles are present, members can bypass the reception desk, walk up to the turnstile, present their credentials, and upon authorization from the membership management system, proceed through the turnstile. If there are two or more turnstiles, the amount of traffic throughput is incredibly efficient compared to using reception staff to register members at the desk. Members will appreciate not having to wait, as most turnstiles can handle about 30 people per minute.

Security Turnstiles by design allow only one person to enter per authorization. The 3-arm, tripod turnstile only rotates an arm 120 degrees, enough to let one person pass, and then it locks. In addition to tripod turnstiles, optical turnstiles, once only found in Class A office building lobbies, are becoming popular with recreational centers. Optical turnstiles make a great choice because of their automatic, quiet barrier operation (swinging or sliding glass), aesthetically pleasing design, and their ability to sense when two people rush through on a single authorization, which will generate an audible alarm.

Tripod or optical turnstiles free up reception staff to provide better service and focus on administrative duties and cash transactions even during the busiest of times. Staff needs to respond only when there is a tailgating alarm or a problem with the member management system accepting the credentials.

5 More Reasons to Deploy Security Turnstiles at the recreational Center Entrance

  • Only members can get in, so the attendance and tracking data in your membership management system is as accurate as possible.
  • The liability risk of non-member injury is virtually eliminated.
  • They are a visible deterrent to casual attempts at crime and theft.
  • Their presence in any university building (and their use in libraries and residence halls is increasing) says a great deal about a university’s commitment to keeping a campus and its community safe.
  • When parents and potential new students visit the recreational center, the impression of a commitment to security is tangible and re-assuring.

These many benefits are why many organisations are investing in the many types of security turnstiles.

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