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Visitor Management Systems in Nigeria: Everything You Need To Know

I have a few questions for you;

  • How many visitors are in your office right now?
  • How many did you have yesterday?
  • How many of the names can you actually read or were typed incorrectly?
  • How many visitors don’t have a time noted as to when they arrived?
  • Who forgot to sign out? (Or are they still hiding somewhere in the office?)
  • Was the sign-in or sign-out time that was recorded accurate?
  • Do you know which employee each visitor met with?

If you struggled to answer these questions then you might need a visitor management system.
Visitor management systems play a vital role in monitoring and recording information regarding employees and visitors of a public building or a business electronically.
These systems also help in documenting and gathering information about the whereabouts of a visitor in the facility and now more than ever, in the wake of the pandemic, it is very important to safely document visitor activity in your premises.
Whatever form of business you are in, whether it is small medium or of a large scale, a visitor management system will definitely boost the safety and security of your organisation.
Just think for a while, a client is entering in your company and instead of filling the log book, you make them enter office premises by check-ins through an automated system.
What a different level of professional impression you will create!
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What are Visitor Management Systems?

You might be used to welcoming and checking guests in and out of your building using a sign in sheet or notebook.
Although signing in is just a small percentage of the process.
There are other elements to consider as well; visitor safety and security, evacuation management, notifying employees that a visitor has arrived to see them and much more.
Using a visitor management system, all these parts can be easily managed/automated in one place, allowing your front desk officer time to attend to other duties.
A visitor management system is also referred to as a visitor management solution or visitor management software.
With this amazing software, all you’re required to do is download an app and install it into a tablet or device of your choice to keep at your front desk.
Smart, simple and professional!
visitor management system in nigeria

Essential Features of A Visitor Management System

Most visitor management solutions in today’s market are equipped with a diverse range of features.
To help decision makers identify which of these are fundamental requirements and which are simply a great addition to the front-of-house, we bring you a list of the most popular visitor management features to consider when selecting a new digital front-of-house solution.

  •  Pre book visitors
  • Customise check in workflows
  • Sign digital forms
  • Customise visitor badges
  • Integrate third party applications
  • Design user friendly experiences
  • Gain insights from detailed reporting
  • Achieve health, safety and legal compliance
  • On site contractor management
  • Global scalability
  • Web-based server which supports multiple registration sites
  • Web-based visitor reservation management system
  • Seamless integration with access control, elevator control, video linkage, parking etc…
  • E-mail and SMS notification to notify hosts instantly
  • Supports visitors’ watch list for specific people/group
  • Supports OCR or ID card reader to auto-fill the visitor’s basic info
  • Supports customized size/format of visitor badges, including receipts/stickers/printed cards
  • Supports combination verification modes with biometrics for visitors
  • Supports recording the visitors’ signatures and pictures

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Case Study of a Visitor Management System

The ZKBioSecurity-3200 helps organizations achieve their needs of automating visitor management without having to break the bank. 
ZKBioSecurity is the ultimate “all-in-one” web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco
It contains multiple integrated modules: access control, time & attendance, consumption management, elevator control (online/offline), hotel module, visitor management, parking, guard patrol, and video linkage. 
With an optimized system architecture designed for high-level biometric identification and a modern user friendly UI,  ZKBioSecurity provides the most advanced solution for whole new user experience.
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