Four devices that you need to prevent fire outbreaks at your home, office or store

  How long would we sit, bicker and cry over lives and properties being lost when we have the solution in our palms and can take control of every compromising situation. With the recent fire incident that occurred in Abuja, it’s safe to say that justice is on its way, all thanks to the CCTV Surveillance System.                                             

  1.   Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors alert building inhabitants to the presence of a fire before it spreads quickly and prevents escape or attempts to suppress it. When the device detects it, they emit a loud, high-pitched alarm tone frequently warbling or intermittent, accompanied by a flashing light.

The Smart Honey Well Smoke Detector from Wullian can be used independently as a photoelectrical smoke detector so when the smoke concentration exceeds the alarming value, it sends light and sound warnings locally. It’s a must-have in both our homes, our business locations, and offices.
2.    CCTV Camera: When setting up closed-circuit television (CCTV) security system to protect the inside and outside of your home or business, it’s ideal to concentrate on the four main components of this technology: cameras, a DVR/NVR, and a monitor screen. Supporting equipment, such as power, video recorders, routers, power supplies, and more is also required for a completely functional system as you select what’s ideal for your needs. You can choose between two types of cameras: IP or analog. IP is the ideal choice for modern capabilities due to its interoperability with most applications, however, analog cameras are still recommended if you have a legacy digital recording system with older technologies.

Wired vs. Wireless: Both wired and wireless CCTV cameras are suited for the majority of applications. Wired, which operates via PoE, is better for larger properties since it allows several devices to function on larger properties without stressing your network.

Consider wireless versions for less permanent or smaller places that don’t require multiple cameras or extensive coverage. The lack of drilling holes or clumsy wires makes this network even more convenient. These cameras may be quickly removed and uninstalled without causing major disruption or adjustments if your place is a temporary or rented property.
3.      Panic button: The Panic Button is a wearable alert button that allows the user to summon assistance in an emergency. The wireless button can be placed anywhere or worn by the user, with the option of wearing it as a necklace or a wristband. These options enable applications in-home care and security solutions. The Panic Button can further be used as an alert button in security solutions. Placed under a desk or in reach from the cash register at businesses, a push of the button can trigger a silent alarm.


  1. Support emergency alarm and remote push notification.
  2. Small size, no wiring, portable.
  3. Low power consumption and energy-saving.
  4. Adopt high impact-resisting materials solid and durable.

 4.    Smart Wall socket: Have you ever wished that your appliances could think for themselves? That your home would simply run itself? Or that you could save energy without having to run around the house every night to turn off all the lights? Finally, there is a simple method for making your wishes come true! Smart plugs are a simple first step toward home automation.
A smart plug is similar to a power adapter in that it fits between your power outlet and the appliance you want to plug-in. At its most basic, it simply switches your appliances on and off. When connected to a smart home platform,
They are referred to as “smart” because they allow you to control your appliances from anywhere using an app on your phone.
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