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7 reasons why you need CCTV when there is a baby at home

7 reasons why you need CCTV when there is a baby at home

We all look forward to seeing a little could of a laughing little human running around the house, doing cute little video worthy things and bringing smiles to all of us! Babies are the most beautiful things on earth and no one can deny this. But our little bundles of joy are vulnerable to many dangers around them and it is obviously tough for parents to be present wherever they are. This is why you need CCTVs as baby monitors in the nurseries. Here we will give you 7 reasons why you need CCTV when there is a baby at home.

  1. Babysitters and Dangers To Come

Mothers of the current era have been progressive and have opted to begin working right after a month of delivery. Thanks to developed post-neo-natal care, mothers have dared to walk out. This progression has led to a steep rise in hiring babysitters. School and college students have begun to take up babysitting jobs in most of the cities. These babysitters all being teens often resort to malpractices or deviant behavior. Here are a few cases where teen babysitters have gone berserk in the host houses.

Baby Sitter Theft:

Many teens who double as babysitters at times try to dig through the drawers of the owners to find little trinkets or money or little electric things to be dropped into their pockets. Even though the theft is not on a large scale, it is still a concern.

Baby Sitter Misbehavior:

Babysitters are known to have called their friends home to just have random fun! Friends and boyfriends of babysitters have known to have loitered around the neighborhoods under the pretext of babysitting.

Over-utilization of resources:

Babysitters are often rumored to exploit the resources provided to them at the home of the infant. This includes eating canned food, over-using the internet at the home, watching TV continuously, sleeping in the owner’s beds etc.

Substance abuse by babysitters:

As said above, most of the babysitters belong to school or college and are also predominantly adolescents. Most teens at this point are over-exposed to substances and vices like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc. they often use the baby’s premises as pads for exploiting such vices which often result to be harmful to the baby.

Protecting the babies from harming each other:

Teen baby-sitters are often diagnosed with anger issues or extreme behavior. They might even charge at the baby as the infant is immobile. They might not handle the baby properly, might injure the baby, feed her wrong, give her wrong medicines or even do something fateful to the baby.

  1. Midwives and Wet Nurses

Midwives are an age-old constituent of baby upbringing. They begin their journey with the mother in the prime of her pregnancy, help the mother deliver the baby and provide post-delivery neo-natal care to the baby and the mother. But midwives these days are known to resort to mal-practices too. There are cases against midwives injuring the baby increasing by the day. They hit or even pinch the baby to discipline the baby. They even introduce drugs (opium is known to be abused a lot) or alcohol to put the baby to sleep.

  1. Protection from Violent Pets

We have all loved the cute videos of babies and pets doing cute things. They sleep on each other, run around, play with each other and it is felt by many parents that a baby should have a pet while growing up. But one can never guess what goes on in the pet’s head. The dog or cat might go out of control and begin to misbehave with the baby. Without the proper supervision of adults, pets may end up biting the baby and injuring her fatally. Babies are highly susceptible to attracting germs from pets which might lurk into the nurseries while the parents are not around.

  1. Sleep Pattern Development

One problem that all babies and parents face equivocally is the baby’s sleep. Finding a pattern in the sleep schedule of the baby is next to impossible for the parents might not even remember how many times the baby has woken up from her sleep crying out for food or irritated. Having a CCTV look on the baby will help the parents to track timings of when she is waking up when she cries, when she tried to move or when she is hungry. This way, the parents can develop a timing sense or a sleeping schedule for the baby. This will help the parents to plan their sleep according to the schedule.

  1. Accident Control

After the 6th month, babies are known to be very notorious with their adventures. They now know how to lie on their tummy and in no time, they will learn how to walk and move around all by themselves. But if you are away from them, even in the other room, it is always beneficial to keep an eye on them because you cannot baby proof the entire house. This will leave them vulnerable to all sorts of dangers at home where they might trip and fall and injure themselves.

  1. Habits and Behavior

Having an all-encompassing view on your children will help you learn about them better in the infant stage. You can observe every move that they make. As a parent, you can observe the little things they do and understand how they are growing up. You can keep a track of their habits and understand the choices that they make on their own. This way, you can have a greater understanding of your baby.

  1. In Creches and Play Schools

After crossing the infant stage, toddlers are made to join play schools where they meet same aged kids for the first time. Often such encounters turn messy for kids begin to fight and cry. CCTVs in such places will help the administrators to make sure that no such break-outs take place or even identify the potential bully in the group of kids and counsel her.

For a brighter future for your babies, make sure that their presence is safe. Get in touch with a nearby dealer for a CCTV set up in your house. Ensure that your babies are safe and happy.

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