7 Ways to Ensure Security and Safety in your Estate

Most neighborhood youngsters used to play local games like “police and thief,” “suwe,” “ten-ten,” and “street soccer.” Nighttime used to be storytime, but after 6 p.m., you won’t see any children playing.
Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and all of this fun appears to have vanished; children now choose to watch cartoons and other children’s programs on various media platforms .
What might have triggered such a drastic change? Because of the constant increase in the number of missing persons, with a substantial portion of missing persons aged 3-12 years old, parents have become more protective of their children and wants to know the whereabout of their kids
Setting up a real estate security system will aid in the protection of both persons and property in your property management company . It’s no surprise, then, that apartment security systems set up by individuals are becoming increasingly popular , tenants are rarely used by real estate owners and brokers . They typically necessitate a comprehensive strategy to safeguard the overall structure.
The presence of humans in the apartments provides only a limited level of safety. Internal and external threats to a real estate property are both possible. As much as crowded buildings make real estate security seem outmoded, most buildings are almost never fully occupied. Vacant apartments invite thieves to steal people’s personal belongings or cause property damage. Vandals and thieves find ways to ruin walls, doors, and windows when there is no one around to keep a watch on a building, no matter how big or tiny it is. They have the ability to steal wiring, woodwork, and lobby decorations. As a result, real estate security measures are also maintenance investments.

        7 Ways to Ensure Security and Safety in your Estate

1. Understanding the Building arrangements : Every day, a variety of people visit apartment buildings. Vertical and horizontal frequency are both present in multi-story building plans. As a result, you won’t be able to rely solely on security guards. For bigger property management companies, real estate security systems nearly always need to include integrated video surveillance and electronic access control. A simple mechanical lock and key system, as well as one person to monitor the entrance, are insufficient.
2. Ensuring Surveillance and Access Control is in Place: Despite the fact that security for real estate locations must always be adjusted to the specific needs, some hazards are common. Installing CCTV cameras at the main entrances and using an automatic visitor control system will allow you to keep track of all visitors, whether they are permanent residents or delivery personnel. It’s simple to issue and program a single card for entry to the lobby area, then let the tenants organize the apartment security system as they see fit.
Electronic access control allows you to monitor all events 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Visitors aren’t the only ones who attend events; intrusion detection systems, integrated fire alarms, and other sensors are also there. Electronic access cards or smartphone codes-based security solutions can help you set up a real estate security system that can be handled from a single location. Owners who don’t have the personnel resources to designate for monitoring can look into security contractor service packages.
3.Ensuring Maintenances:  Many government bodies do not provide real estate owners complete freedom in terms of security. Security in the real estate industry is frequently regarded as a public good. You may have some flexibility as a property manager when it comes to maintenance and budgeting. Property taxes and contractor agreements, on the other hand, Officials are keen to keep things on the straight and narrow in these areas . Keep apartment security systems in mind as you buy, build, or renovate a building because you must meet several property management regulations. When you tackle the wiring, the new electronic door installation, and the access system set up all at once, repairs and maintenance become much easier . 
Residents can be irresponsible. Access cards are readily misplaced or misappropriated. Duplicates are not only expensive, but they are also dangerous. Because of the high volume of visitors, using smartphones instead of access cards will keep your mind free of additional headaches. Electronic entry management allows smart buildings to be integrated into smart cities for forward-thinking real estate managers. The immediate investment in areas with such promise will have extra payoffs in the future as a long-term investment.
4.Fencing and Car Parking Barriers: Fences can help dissuade unwelcome visitors; but, if you have flowers planted, you must keep them neatly pruned so that crooks have fewer hiding places . When it comes to access management, automobile parking barriers are generally the first thing that comes to mind for many landowners. While ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems allow vehicle parks to be managed without the use of a physical barrier, some facility managers remain committed to the concept of a physical “barricade .”The barrier lets cars in one at a time and issues parking tickets to each driver. After motorists produce identification, an employee must be present to physically lift and lower the barrier.
5.Street lighting: Criminal crimes such as rape, bag snatching, robbery, and kidnapping might be hidden by poor lighting.  No one wants to be on the receiving end of any of the aforementioned criminal behaviors. If your street lights are insufficient, contact your homeowner’s association or the local government to have them replaced. Encourage businesses and residents in the area to install outdoor lighting as well.
6.At night or in your Absence, turn off the lights and lower the window curtain and blinds: If no one knows you have a big-screen LED TV, no one will be encouraged to take it. Leaving your window curtains and blinds open and your lights on at night gives you an unrestricted view of your home, its layout, and its tenants’ routines. Leaving windows open at night, or when you’re away for an event or errand, is an open invitation to burglars. you can also use a window and a door sensor as the device is designed to automatically raise an alarm in case of a forceful break-in. 
7.Ensuring Home Security System (CCTV Cameras): Finally, getting a home security system and properly using it is one of the safest ways to avoid crime in your estate and community . 
You can hire a security consultant to conduct a security audit of your property and recommend the finest security solution for you. Security risk assessments are free at Securetech Nigeria; click here to make an appointment .

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