ZKTeco SpeedFace -V5L TD review

ZKTeco Speedface V5L Review: A Case Study of Arit of Africa Limited

The Client

For over 40 years Arit of Africa has continued to impact the industry with first class solutions and services in strategic partnership with various OEMs.
As a global and local player with presence all over Nigeria and the West Africa, their strict adherence to global standards and practices has endeared them to numerous clients and afforded them with loyalty of industry clients.

The Request

Due to their enormous size and multiple locations, Arit of Africa requested for a time and attendance management solution to manage their employees entry and exit.

The Solution: Speedface V5L TD

However, to curb the spread of coronavirus in the workplace they specifically requested for the ZKTeco Speedface V5L (TD) to enable staff clock in and out using facial recognition or palm recognition.
attendance management systems

Speedface V5L TD DataSheet

Speedface V5L (TD) is a new facial recognition technology that also offers fever detection and temperature detection.
It is a fully upgraded version of the SpeedFace-V5L visible light facial recognition terminal, using intelligent engineering facial recognition algorithms and the latest computer vision technology.
It supports both facial and palm verification with large capacity and speedy recognition, as well as improves security performance in all aspects.
Some of the benefits of Speedface V5L over other time and attendance devices include;

  • fever detection
  • palm recognition
  • facial recognition
  • temperature detection


  • Enhanced Visible Light Facial Recognition with Deep Learning built-in.
  • Multiple verification with Fingerprint, RFID and Facial Recognition.
  • 5-inch touch LCD.
  • Dual-camera for real-time face detection.
  • 6,000 face templates capacity.

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The Installation Process

Speedface V5L (TD) was integrated with the ZKTeco Access IVS software which is a lite web-based security platform developed by ZKTeco, which supports most ZKTeco products.
It provides abundant functionality that fulfils management requirements of small- to medium-sized businesses including personnel management.

Project Implementation Plan

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Client Feedback

Project has been installed and completed, all necessary documents was also signed. Arit of Africa were pleased and tends to increase the number of devices on the next stage of installation.
To deploy a similar project kindly get in touch by sending a mail to info@securetech.com.ng.

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