best smart hotel door locks in 2021

5 Best Types of Smart Door Locks for Hotels in 2021

The next technology for hotel door locks will be solutions that streamline the check-in process to benefit both hoteliers and guests, and as door lock technology continues to advance it has become user-friendly.
Hotel room security locks is a critical aspect of guest protection.
The hotel room doors and windows must be fortified to prevent forced entry.
Installation of burglar-proof door locking system and effective key and key control procedure is to be followed by the hotel to ensure your guest’s safety against theft.
Here are the 4 best types of smart door locks you should consider for your hotel or your guest house in 2021

5 Best Types of Smart Door Locks for Hotels in 2021

1. Electronic (or Digital) Locking Systems

Electronic locks are the most innovative options available.
To operate, this kind of locking system needs electricity.
There should be a stable source of energy, and thus, you need to install a cable as well.
Digital systems are very handy and provide a wide range of functions and features – for example, you may set a specific time for the door to lock and unlock automatically.
Nowadays, you can even use your smartphone to open the door via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
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electronic hotel door locks

2. The RFID Locking System

RFID stands for radio-frequency identification, which means recognition through electromagnetic waves.
The contactless transmitter-receiver system identifies objects and people by using radio waves. It can be combined with an electronic door lock.
In this case, a special chip must be programmed and built into a small transponder, placed on the door.
The authorization check is performed by the data transfer via the radio frequency.
The RFID locks are widely used in hotels because the code cards can be reprogrammed for each guest. These are the advantages and disadvantages of RFID system:


  • Full-time control over the door;
  • An opportunity to program the key for each guest specifically
  • Suitable for disabled people with physical limitations;
  • Low level of hack vulnerability.

best hotel door locks

3. Code lock with PIN

This type of lock can be opened with a correct sequence of digits, entered on a keypad or touchpad.
The input field is usually attached to a wall at a maximum of 50 cm from the code lock. Among other useful features, the software allows recording the time of access.
Compared to the touchpads, keypads are splash-proof, have a smaller surface area, and thus are less vulnerable.


  • An opportunity to easily pass the PIN
  • Multi-user access
  • Possibility to use several PINs
  • Splash-proof keypads
  • Low level of vulnerability.

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4. Lock with a Chip Card

Electric door locks with a sensor and a chip card are extremely popular with hoteliers.
They can be easily reprogrammed as well. Another factor that makes them attractive and convenient is the ease of use for both guests and hotel employees.
hotel door locks with cards

5. The Lock with a Smartphone Control

The locking system with a smartphone app control is still relatively new.
It allows users to enter the room or apartment using Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi.
Their possibilities and functions are endless!
For example, you can significantly improve customer experience by combining the Mobile Check-In option with a possibility to open the door with a smartphone.
This will save your guest’s time and let them avoid queuing at the reception.
These locks can be easily integrated with your current Property Management System.
The only drawback is that guests must always carry smartphones with them and keep the battery charged.


  • Fast Check-In possibility
  • PMS integration
  • Easy door opening with a mobile phone
  • Various app functions
  • Multi-user access


  • Wireless connection is necessary
  • Availability of a smartphone with a charged battery is necessary as well.


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