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Being burgled is a traumatic experience.
It’s not just the financial cost of replacing stolen items, but also the emotional impact of feeling violated after a burglar has been in your home.
Improving your home security is the best way to reduce the risk of becoming a victim.
A lot of burglaries are spur of the moment, carried out by opportunist thieves who don’t even have to use force – they get in through an open door or window and take their chance.
Investing in security will help deter burglars from targeting your home.
Your insurance policy may also become invalidated if certain measures are not taken, such as locking your doors and windows, when you go out.
As well as physical security, protecting your home by taking digital security measures is just as important.
Look around your property and think about how you would break in if you locked yourself out.
You may be surprised at how easy it would be.
Have you left any windows and doors open?
Are there insecure ladders that can be used to reach upper windows?
Are there any tools laying around that can be used to force your way in?

How Can I Make My Home More Secure?


Most people who call at your home will be genuine but some may turn up unannounced, with the intention of tricking their way into your home.
If someone calls at your door, before you answer, stop and think if you are expecting anyone.
Check that you have locked the back door and taken the key out.
Look through a spy hole or window to see who it is.
You can choose not to open the door.
Even if they have a pre-arranged appointment, take time to check their identity card carefully.
Close the door while you do this.
If you are still unsure, look up the phone number and ring to verify their identity.
Never call the number on the identity card, or a number that has been given to you, as these may be fake and you may be speaking to another fraudster. 
home security kit


If your front and back doors are not secure, neither is your property.
Keep them locked even when at home.
Always make sure that everyone at home knows where the keys are in case of a fire.
When having a new front or back door, always fit security accredited products as these are tested.
Windows left open are one of the most common causes of burglary.
Fortunately window opening restrictors allow you to ventilate your home while preventing the window from being opened wide enough for someone to climb through.


This is becoming more affordable and you can buy indoor and outdoor cameras that connect to your smartphone.
CCTV will not prevent your home from being burgled on its own and should be used in addition to other deterrents including good quality locks, a burglar alarm and security lighting.
Cameras should be positioned for easy maintenance but high enough so they can’t be tampered with.
If your camera is outside, you must comply with privacy laws and make sure it isn’t pointing at public spaces or other people’s houses,It should only be pointing to your premises and gate. 
key benefits of CCTV cameras in your homes


 Fit a strong, lockable, high gate across the passageway to stop a burglar getting to the back of your home where they can work without being disturbed.

Home Security Checklist When Leaving the House

  • Lock all windows and doors.
  • Check that side gates, and sheds are locked and tools or ladders are not accessible.
  • Store all house, car and window keys out of sight and away from doors or windows.
  • Make your home look occupied by using a wifi alarm app to turn on lights when the need be.
  • Make sure your CCTVs are active while you monitor remotely 

We hope it helps improve the security of your home.

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