City Developments Limited (CDL) Upgraded to Suprema’s Security Solution

City Developments Limited (CDL) is a leading global real estate operating company with a network spanning 103 locations in 29 countries. CDL is a well-known reputable residential condominium development in Singapore. They are recognized for supplying diverse portfolio comprising of residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, integrated development and shopping malls.


IT department in CDL has the responsibility to provide a secure but user-friendly access control system to its employees. The building’s access control points such as doors, turnstiles, parking gates and elevators were managed by RFID card readers where the system granted or denied access to employees when cards were presented to a reader. However, CDL had deployed multiple card reader systems requiring employees to use different cards at different access points. This created entry delays due to queues formed at various entry points. Additionally, as they were dealing with excessive number of cards, a lot of administrative work and costs were incurred as when cards got lost, they had to get deleted and new cards were re-issued.


Upgraded the entire system to Suprema’s access control products to replace the use of cards to fingerprint biometrics. The system is centered around use of the CoreStation, Suprema’s intelligent control panel. A total of 10 units of CoreStations are installed inside the main server room that are connected to 48 units of BioEntry W2 fingerprint readers. BioEntry W2’s leading performance of 150,000 matches per second and IP67/IK09 compliant housing makes it suitable for all entrances and doors in any environment. In addition, OM-120, a multiple output expansion module, is installed in 9 different lifts each with BioEntry W2 fingerprint readers to control access to different floors of the building. The entire system is operated seamlessly by Suprema BioStar 2 access control platform. The new system offered a solution that is far more convenient and secure over the previous RFID system which led to great customer satisfaction


1) Easy to Use – Not having to carry cards greatly increases convenience for the employees. At the same time, use of fingerprint enhances security as use of biometrics makes sharing of credential impossible.
2) Faster Processing Time – CoreStation’s performance of 400,000 matches/sec and user capacity offers speeds that exceeds normal card readers.
3) Improved Security – No ethernet connection and data storage on BioEntry W2 readers improve overall security of the system and protection of employee data

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