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Why Pick Biometric Door Entry Systems?

Why Pick Biometric Door Entry Systems?

You might think biometric door entry systems belong solely in the movies, at high-security government institutions, protecting the most sensitive of information. That’s not the case anymore, if it ever really was. Biometric door entry systems are now for home of all sizes – they just need to simply value security and convenience.
Security with biometric door entry systems
The benefit of biometric door entry systems is still mainly security. It can help ensure only approved individuals can access your place of home and or within. Whilst security is the real benefit of adopting such a system, biometrics deliver that security with incredible convenience, which is what has contributed to the growing popularity of such solutions.
When you use a biometric for home door authentication, there are no more lost keys. You always have your authentication method on you. Whether it’s a fingerprint, facial ID or iris recognition system, biometrics make entry to the workplace hassle free.
Paxton Net2 Entry

Smart, Simple Video Intercom

Net2 Entry is a video intercom system that works standalone or alongside Net2 access control, combining video intercom with key features of Net2.
There are a range of Net2 Entry panels and monitors available to suit all your customers’ requirements, making them suitable for a variety of installation environments:

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