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Banks and financial institutions are no outsiders to biometric technology like the Biometric Vault Management System, yet they’re indicating new enthusiasm for this innovation, in light of current circumstances. Passwords have for some time been known as a defective technique for validation.

Numerous individuals still utilize a similar secret word on a few sites, making it simple for cyber-criminals to take their character. To balance that, FIs influence multifaceted verification, for example, once passwords sent over SMS or email, yet clients discover the procedure cumbersome.

Accordingly, biometric validation utilizing facial, unique finger impression and voice acknowledgment, just as other biometric methods and advancements, is on the ascent around the world.

To expand client maintenance and income, budgetary foundations are evading a one-size-fits-all methodology.

The bank vault is one of the most important aspects of the banking sector, this is where treasures, valuables, money, records, and documents are kept, and any compromise to this section of the bank can lead to the fold-up of the bank.


Bank vaults are a vital piece of the structure inside which they are developed utilizing protected dividers and a solidly planned entryway shut with a mind-boggling lock. The security of the vault is the absolute most significant part of the vault framework.

The bank vault, for the most part, comprises of locks that include a correct mix for it to open and after that two uncommonly planned keys are additionally utilized together with the lock blend, these keys are given to two distinctive faculty in the bank to keep and at whatever point there’s a requirement for anything to be removed from the vault or to be put inside the vault the two workforces are constantly required to be around to both open and lock the vault framework.

Regardless of the security level engaged with the bank vault framework, there is as yet the waiting likelihood of trade-off.

A wrongly handled key, a divulged password, a malicious hacker, and organized criminal groups can almost easily make a vault system vulnerable. To prevent the possibility of internal compromise by the staffs of the banks that have been given the duty to keep the keys to the vault and the passcodes of the vault higher level of security such as the use of biometrics has to be implemented. Biometrics technology now has a very wide range of applications in virtually all industries Biometric Access Vault Management System (BAVMS) is a solution used to automate and authenticate vault door access control. The mode of authentication is based on individual unique behavioral or physical traits such as iris, fingerprints, facial, etc. is referred to as biometrics.

Biometrics Framework

Biometrics is utilized for robotized individual acknowledgment. The study of perceiving people dependent on their interesting conduct or physical characteristics, for example, fingerprints, face, voice, walk and so on is alluded to as biometrics. Sensors are typically used to get biometric qualities.

Biometric frameworks procure the one of a kind attributes curious to it just because by means of a procedure called enlistment. The one of a kind highlights of a biometric attribute is procured during enlistment.

To confirm the realness of a client, the biometric framework makes a correlation between enlisted biometric quality and the question attribute. This correlation, as a rule, restores a match or confuse. Biometric attributes are novel. Biometric frameworks use the uniqueness of biometric qualities to forestall pantomime. Most biometric frameworks are either Unimodal or Multimodal.

The Unimodal biometric framework, as the name infers, utilizes only one biometric quality while the Multimodal framework utilizes more than one biometric attribute. The utilization of multimodal strategy improves the proficiency of biometric framework.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprints are the most settled for and most part uses a kind of biometric recognizable proof. Each individual’s fingerprint is extraordinary. The structure of the edges and valley on the outside of the fingers is in charge of this uniqueness. Explicit focuses, called details focuses are utilized to separate fingerprints. In Unique finger impression acknowledgment, the particular edges on the fingertips delivered the impressions from which highlights are being separated.

BAVMS Lock Operation

More than 2 persons (Vault Custodians) will be given access privilege to the vault doors. Any two must combine both fingerprint and unique individual password to have access to any of the doors (i.e. if Vault Custodians with Access Privilege in each bank branch are A, B, C, D: to gain access to the vault anytime will require both password and fingerprint combinations). Possible combinations are A&B or B&C or B&D or A&C or A&D or C&D. The system is designed to follow a predefined sequence of steps in an orderly fashion. These steps are Idle state, Request state,

Registration state and authentication state. At the idle state, the system is not being operated upon or used. This is the initial state of the system at startup; it can be changed from this state to another and back.

Request state involves the users to press the enter key on the keypad and the state of the machine transit to the request state, where the fingerprint and the Passcode of the user are requested for, In the case where only the fingerprint is presented without the Passcode for scanning the system returns to an idle state.

Registration state occurs only once, and it is the stage where the authorized personnel fingerprint and Passcode are picked and stored in the database. At the authentication state, the individual presents his fingerprint or Passcode to be scanned depending on the biometric trait registered for the individual, the scanner then extracts the features and runs a check with the registered features that are in the database for a match. When a match is found the system moves to the authenticated state if a match is not found then the system returns to the request state.

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