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As a biometric technology pioneer, ZKTeco conceived and developed a perfect solution for small to large-scale businesses.  Known for developing web-based centralized attendance management and access control systems that may assist Human Resources in managing employee attendance records and calculating compensation based on work performed, ZKTeco has decided to take it a step further with the ZKTeco

What Is the is an intelligent cloud-based time attendance management system that enables effective and secure data and information management, as well as tracking employee clock in & out quickly and more efficiently. The system includes cutting-edge capabilities for running a profitable business and the ability to connect with your colleagues in the most effective way imaginable.

The ZKTeco solution is geared toward small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises with several office locations. With a mission to help companies properly manage and control their attendance workforce while maintaining data accuracy.

The platform is powered by AWS cloud technology, making it the most versatile and secure cloud computing environment available today. The platform provides complete visibility into your business processes and facilitates user collaboration.

WHY BioTime NG?

1- High-level Security

You can ensure that all of your data is completely safe and protected using AWS cloud storage.

2-Easy Setup

There’s no need to put up a pricey physical server when you can access real-time data from anywhere, at any time. 


Do you have an expanding workforce? Upgrade your storage requirements without having to buy and install costly additions yourself.

4- Structured Data 

Data stored in the cloud ensures consistency in employee and attendance records, reducing the possibility of human error.

5-All-Inclusive, Low-Cost

The subscription includes time attendance features, a mobile app, and upgrades.

6-Online Service & Assistance

Having problems? You can obtain sufficient additional support from our committed and well-trained support team at no additional cost.

Features that make our solution effective.

“You must be asking what do I get when I sign up on the platform?”

Well, I’m about to put you out of your worries. Listed below are some of the major features you get on the Time Attendance solution.

1. Web or mobile access to employee time attendance and data.

Our solution includes full-time attendance, simple access control capabilities, and a mobile application, all of which improve work productivity and accuracy. Manage and monitor your employees’ daily activities: attendance summaries, time summaries, and real-time monitoring stored in the cloud. Through the cloud, several authorized HR personnel can access “one” accurate data at any time and from any location. Furthermore, for employee policy management, establish pay codes, overtime regulations, holidays, shift schedules, and cycles.

2. Time attendance management at multiple locations.

ZKTeco provides a complete time attendance solution, including time attendance terminals and a cloud-based system that synchronizes all of your branch offices’ attendance data across numerous locations. You can assign your employees to multiple workplaces in using the workplace selection mechanism, which allows them to punch in/out within the allowable distance range.

3. Reporting attendance in remote and field locations.

Your membership includes the activation of a mobile application that your employees can use to register their attendance even in remote sites or field locations. You may determine an employee’s exact location with GPS mobile tracking. All attendance reports will be stored in the cloud and accessible in real-time.

4. Management of Attendance Policies

Having attendance regulations in place in your organization aids in increasing the efficacy and professionalism of your staff. It encourages employee flexibility and fairness. You can create pay codes, overtime regulations, holidays, and shift schedules and cycles for your employees as part of human resource management. Employee timecards can be tracked using the daily activity dashboard and mobile app.

5. Attendance Approvals and Leave Management

Give your staff the ability to easily apply for leave. Your employees can use their mobile phones to submit their leave, manual log, or overtime application to All requests will appear on the HR or Supervisor’s dashboard and mobile application, where he or she can directly approve or reject them at any time and from any location. HR can also view an employee’s remaining leave using leave balance management.

6. Easy generation of attendance reports

Create attendance reports for your staff without having to wait. allows you to generate real-time reports and export them in ready-to-print PDF or Excel format.

Types of Reports

  •    Timecard
  •    Who’s In/Out
  •    Total Hours Summary
  •    Employee Punch Report
  •    Time Off
  •    Abnormal Times
  •    Overtime
  •    Attendance Summary

7. Geofencing and mobile applications

Unsure if your employee is checking in at the correct location?

The App verifies that your employee is inside the check-in range. The geofencing option allows you to choose the check-in range for a certain workplace.

Advantages of BiotimeNG

1- A straightforward and low-cost system for tracking employee time, managing productivity, and providing high-quality outputs with a profit margin.

2- A versatile scheduler allows you to effortlessly manage operations, appropriately assign shifts, and make workflows simpler and more efficient.

3-A customized and user-friendly reporting tool that provides comprehensive data and simplifies the analysis and improvement of company processes.

4-User-friendly dashboard design, as well as simple modules for managing user profiles, shift and leave schedules, and other tasks.

5-We offer a full solution for continuous attendance monitoring with a geo-located time clock with our Biotime mobile app.

Employees and administrators can access the software portal from any internet-connected device, such as laptops or mobile apps, at any time.

Download the ZKTeco BioTime.NG app and use your Android or iOS device to access all the features of our attendance management software.

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