People counting technology simply allows you to keep track of the number of people.
That enter a specific area at any given time and day. People counter is not only fast, efficient and automatic, but it also allows you to collate much more useful data than merely the number of people who have entered the area.
People Counting in Shopping malls and other business places can help retailers to improve operations in a number of ways. For example it is possible to specifically increase the number of staff during busy/rush hours and days to improve service and efficiency of staff at the stores, and to reduce staff during quieter times to increase operating efficiency. More accurate predictions can also be made on what may happen in terms of demand over the coming days, weeks and months and accurate plans can be made for future activities based on staff and inventory.
As a result, counting people in store can help retailers optimize their strategies and maximize conversion and revenues. People counting provides valuable insights across a range of industries and use cases.
It can help to ensure crowd safety in high-traffic-flow areas such as stadia, for example, as well as ensuring that the number of people entering clubs, exhibition halls and other locations does not exceed fire safety guidelines.
The use of Video surveillance (SMART CCTV CAMERAS), business intelligence more all come together in flexible and powerful components from the world’s number one security solution provider.
The major benefit of smart people-counting cameras is that they can double as security protection. This means that retailers can look after customers and assets, and accurately count people coming into the store – all with a single investment. With only one set of cameras, retailers can make significant savings on installation, energy consumption, maintenance and support – while also getting the very best in surveillance and smart retail insights.
ZKTeco’s people counting cameras deliver major benefits. They offer accuracy, with a dual-lens configuration that provides 3D imaging to distinguish people from inanimate objects and shadows, and also incorporate Deep Learning algorithms that can be continuously trained and improved with new data sets to count people more preciously.
ZKTeco has helped organisations in a number of industries to count and monitor people entering their facilities.

  • Solution for Shopping malls & other business places:
  • Measure the number of customers or visitors
  • Evaluate and improve marketing and promotional activities
  • Optimize staffing schedules and daily operations
  • Analyze and share relevant footfall statistics
  • Ensures around-the-clock safety for customers, personnel, and merchandise
  • Resolves transaction disputes and aids loss prevention
  • Provides complete central management of chains and enhances operations
  • You can also measure queue, gain demographics insights and estimate store occupancy.

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