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SMART CO₂ DETECTOR – Home Automation System

Smart-CO₂-Detector can detect concentration of CO2 exceeds the normal value, ventilation system will be activated through group linkage to improve the air quality.
It can detect concentration of CO2 and work with other devices, and applies to bedroom, study room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.


  • Communication Mode: IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee/SmartRoom).
  • It can detect concentration of CO2 and link with Window Opener or other air cleaning facility to keep indoor with fresh air, which all can be seen on App.
  • Shell adopts high impact-resisting materials, solid and durable.

Communication Mode:                    IEEE 802.15.4 (ZigBee/SmartRoom)
Power Parameter:                                             100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Detection Range:                                              400~2000 ppm
Alarm Threshold:                                             1200 ppm (default)
Detecting Gas Type:                                         CO₂
Maximum Power Consumption:                    <13W
Standby Power Consumption:                        <8W
Communication Distance:                              300m (depend on specific environmental conditions)
Installation Method:                                       Ceiling-mounted Type, Wall-hanging Type
Working Temperature/Humidity:                -10℃~+45℃/≤95%RH (noncondensing)
Material & Color:                                            PC, White
Dimension (diameter*thickness):               98*45 (mm)
Net Weight:                                                      85g
Gross Weight:                                                  305g


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