Suprema D-Station

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  • Fusion face recognition
  • Dual fingerprint sensor technology
  • 1:10,000 match in 1 second
  • 0.001% EER with face finger fusion
  • Ultra-wide touchscreen LCD

Suprema D-Station


Suprema D-Station’s Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology is a perfect blend of fingerprint and face recognition technologies which delivers incredible matching accuracy and speed that no other biometric devices have ever achieved.

Bursting with a loads of innovative features like touch screen LCD, dual finger sensors, megapixel camera and powerful tri-CPU parallel processing, it offers extreme performance with extra usability. The new D-Station, it opens a whole new generation of biometric access control.

Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology with dual-finger & face recognition

  • Fusion face recognition
  • Dual fingerprint sensor technology
  • 1:10,000 match in 1 second
  • 0.001% EER with face + finger fusion
  • Ultra-wide touchscreen LCD


Powerful Tri-CPU Parallel Processing System

All the sensational features of D-Station are powered by its unique Tri-CPU system.

This Tri-CPU System features parallel processing which allows D-Station to boost the speed of matching large-scale biometric data. In parallel processing the powerful 667MHz and two 400MHz CPU’s make up massive 1.4GHz of computing power, which allows D-Station to deliver exceptional performance in biometric computation as well as seamless operation for its sophisticated functionalities

Ultra-wide Touch Screen LCD with Intuitive GUI

The 5.0″ WVGA touch screen LCD has 384,000 dots, a viewing angle of 140′ with resistive touch screen technology.

The display panel has been designed to provide extreme usability and precision for secure biometric access control to high-traffic time attendance systems.

With aesthetically designed graphic user interface, D-Station offers decent user experience unlike anything you’ve seen on a security device and makes it perfect solution for various environments. The GUI also features videophone interface, customizable wallpaper, video player, notice board and personalized messaging.

IP Access Control with PoE & WiFi

D-Station’s IP access control system offers extra flexibility in designing your security system while reducing cost on installation & maintenance.

Compare to conventional access control system, IP access control provides lower cost per door with less wiring and utilization of existing network infrastructure.

D-Station also offers PoE & Wi-Fi to further enhance its extensibility. The PoE feature also ensures simpler wiring & lower installation cost. Otherwise, users can choose to hook up D-Station with Wi-Fi interface to enjoy benefits of faster installation with significant labour reduction.

Built-in Camera for Image and Video Interlace

With a built-in megapixel camera, D-Station offers comprehensive, fully customizable biometric time attendance features.

The device can record and match biometric & non-biometric inputs from users with its face recognition camera, Fingerprint sensors, on-screen keypad(PIN) and/or RFID antenna.

With its extremely easy-to-use interface, D-Station allow users to easily learn necessary controls & functions with minimal training & guidance. in addition, when installed at major gales. Dstatin can be used as video door phone with showing customized messages on the screen.

Unique Features and Extra Functions

D-Station offers comprehensive communication interfaces and relays.

It allows flexible system design with TCP/IP, 2-channel RS485, RS232 and Wiegand communication interfaces.

Inside the cover, you will see SD memory card slot, SAM(SIM) module slot, 14443 A/B and Mifare module, USB (device & host) & GPRS/CDMA port. It also has multiple in/out ports, and for further expansion, optional external relay unit is available.

Authentication Mode

  • D-Station offers 3 distinct authentication modes which provides a balance between level of security and processing speed.
  • D-Station manages to adjust biometric authentication methods and provides optimal performance according to the user’s requirements of accuracy, speed and high traffic.
  • Fusion Mode – extreme accuracy
  • The fusion mode features Suprema’s unique Multi-Biometric Fusion Technology™ incorporating face and dual-fingerprint recognition technology.
  • This mode is recommended to minimize authentication failure rate and enhance user convenience.
  • Fast Mode – ultra speed
  • The fast mode provides unprecedented speed in single fingerprint authentication.
  • Combining Suprema’s renowned fingerprint algorithm with D-Station’s powerful Tri-CPU parallel processing, it provides extreme matching speed of 1:10,000 matches in 1 second.
  • Twin Mode – enhanced usability
  • For fast processing of high traffic attendance check in the morning or shift changing time, twin mode offers speedy check-in by simultaneously processing two independent fingerprint inputs in a single device.
  • Two line of users can use one sensor for each line likewise they are using two separate devices

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