Security for schools in Nigeria

Security For Schools In Nigeria

Schools in Nigeria consistently score poorly on security, and many have not yet installed top-notch security for schools. There are several crimes involving children, and criminals can abduct kids from schools using a variety of ruses. However, Nigerian schools have recently realised how important it is to have a robust security setup, and this is now being implemented, albeit a little slowly. 

The majority of the schools constructed in the past have lovely wide campuses tucked into neighbourhoods with a number of convenient entrances and modest walls separating them from nearby homes and streets. They feature various classroom buildings, each with a row of exterior doors and numerous corridors connecting them. While beneficial for our kids, these open areas can be challenging to maintain safety in our children’s school. State officials and the majority of security professionals advise that schools be constructed with a “single point of entry” to help keep intruders out of classrooms and the kids safe inside.

In addition to having an open architecture, relatively few schools also have any kind of technological security system, especially public/government-owned schools. There is no video surveillance equipment to prevent, detect, or identify unwanted intruders, nor is there an access control system to slow down or prevent unauthorised entry. While structural renovations are prohibitively expensive, there are practical and advanced electronic security measures that can improve school safety. However, given that so many schools are located in areas that are considered to be “secure” and to pose little threat, how do we encourage our school boards and administrators to examine these options?


The most serious problems, such as unauthorised entry, vandalism, and school shootings, must be addressed while developing a school security plan and selecting school door locks. But there should also be security measures in place at schools to guard against common problems like theft and to guarantee the safety of places like labs, storage facilities, and teacher lounges.

More educational institutions and buildings are relying on technology to maintain security both during school hours and thereafter, making access control an increasingly significant component of school safety measures. It’s a good idea to install access-controlled school safety door locks to limit and monitor who has access to what locations and when. Access control on school campuses keeps unauthorised visitors away from school grounds. School safety door locks deter potential crime because they can only be opened by individuals with the proper credentials, especially after school and on weekends when the school is closed. Access control is crucial for both preventing intrusions and identifying them when they do happen. Modern access control systems, like Open Path, can detect forced entry, a door left ajar, or an unsuccessful unlock attempt in a school and immediately warn security personnel.

Schools receive more visitors than you may imagine, including parents of potential students, guest speakers, event vendors, and contract workers. A school security solution that also includes visitor management is a wise investment if you want to successfully organise safety precautions. For improved security, an access control system that can manage visitor credentials makes sure that visitors can only access specific areas.

The visitor won’t even need to pick up a badge or key card to unlock the door with mobile and cloud-based security systems because those guest credentials can be texted or emailed right to the visitor’s smartphone. Vendors setting up for performances, career fairs, and after-hours events will find this to be extremely helpful. Since the guests’ personalised credentials will only grant them access to the spaces they will be utilising for the event, school administrators won’t need to keep an eye on entrances to handle security.

Make sure the classrooms are kept safe. Misconduct frequently occurs in places like faculty offices, storage areas, and teacher’s lounges. Schools can stop students or visitors from accessing locations they shouldn’t by implementing school door lock systems that need authorised credentials.

The library, gym, science, and computer lab equipment is well-protected by controlled access school entrance locks. It is necessary to keep an eye on this valuable educational equipment because it is frequently a target for theft and vandalism. Only authorised students or staff will be able to enter these areas thanks to access controlled school door locks. Through the ability for teams to monitor areas from anywhere, at any time, remote security management with a cloud-based access control system delivers additional safety. A contemporary school security system would also maintain a thorough entry log of all access activities, enabling an audit and necessary adjustments to school security measures.

School security cameras are a top priority as educational facilities invest more in security equipment. Students and faculty can feel safer thanks to the installation of security camera systems. Installing security cameras in schools does have certain advantages, though. 

Edu-Secure Program

Also, Securetech Nigeria is running a program called Edu-Secure where we offer CCTV surveillance at no cost to schools in Nigeria, where they stand to benefit from various solutions such as a safer school environment for pupils, transfer of security worries to the expert, parents satisfaction on the security and safety of their wards, discourage crime, monitor the school and its environ and many more, contact us today to be a part of it. 

Improved security surveillance and event response Visual monitoring provided by security cameras increases safety and enables security professionals to monitor activity across the entire site. Administrators can remotely monitor all entry points by putting cameras at critical school security checkpoints. The use of contemporary school security camera systems for proactive incident response is also advantageous. Administrators can see when and where an event is occurring with the help of tools like AI video analytics and automatic alerting.

Added Advantages

  1. Stop violence, vandalism, and stealing. 

If there is video footage, it is far more difficult to get away with criminal activities in schools. For many schools, installing security cameras is sufficient to deter the most frequent threats, such as theft, vandalism, and property damage. Installing security cameras in common targets like parking lots, storage closets, and locker banks might be advantageous.

  1. Visual confirmation of access activity

 School security cameras that are connected to an access control system add visual confirmation to the access activity record. Administrators can review the video footage to determine whether the incident actually involved the teacher or whether a student or other staff member was impersonating the teacher in order to gain access to the computer lab at an odd time, for instance, if the school security system records that a teacher used their credentials to do so. Because auditing is speedier, administrators can decide on the best course of action for a security risk more quickly.

Being ready for a crisis is essential in school settings. The majority of educational buildings have fire alarms and disaster drills, which are crucial to school security measures. The greatest school safety technology, however, not only notifies authorities of existing issues but also helps lessen danger during emergencies and takes action to prevent them completely in order to protect children and faculty.

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