Smart home automation


Smart home automation systems link your gadgets, switches, and appliances to a single hub, so you can easily and safely operate them. Program your detectors to communicate with your alarm system, receive alerts when an intruder tries to sneak in, or command groups of lights to switch on or off when you open the front door. Your home is more convenient, cosy, and secure than ever thanks to smart home automation technology. 

Home automation devices from the top-tier brand (NGTeco) and many that are compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit are all available at SecureTech Nigeria. These products range from comprehensive smart home systems to smart switches. Basically everything you need to manage, safeguard, and control your home, including remote control modules, all kinds of sensors, home automation hubs and controllers, and much more.

There are three basic forms of home automation:

Monitoring: By using an app, consumers can remotely check on their gadgets as part of monitoring. An individual might be able to see their live feed from a smart security camera, for instance.

Control: By controlling a gadget, a user can do things like remotely pan a security camera to get a better view of a living area.

Automation: Last but not least, automation entails programming gadgets to activate one another, such as having a smart siren sound whenever an activated security camera senses movement.

Types of Home Automation.


Locks can be controlled remotely in real-time at any time.

Utilizing a highly secure gateway control, you may remotely manage your lock from anywhere. You can also get real-time warnings for low battery, unauthorized verification attempts, family member hijack alarms, offline status, and other events. Manage different individuals’ access to your home from a mobile device, and have it immediately unlock in an emergency.


Detect motion and be vigilant while you are away.

With live video streaming, you can keep an eye on your house from the comfort of your phone. Wi-Fi security cameras for indoors and outdoors instantly detect motion, send notifications to your phone, and record video to your free private cloud storage for any time viewing. Including Night Vision, 1080p Full HD, and two-way audio.


Protect your property and business.

Protect your home round-the-clock against intruders or attempted break-ins with a single key Alarm and Dis-alarm System. Receive real-time alerts and notifications on your phone when windows or doors are opened utilizing PIR and door sensor motion detection technologies.

Ways a Smart Home Will Make Your Life Better

1. You have control over security

Smart home security systems use a networked system of cameras and motion detectors to provide a comprehensive and effective home surveillance system.

Motion sensors help identify any unusual activity around the house, while cameras ensure that only those the system is familiar with arrive home.

2. Makes you more vigilant

The security system can notify authorities, give you notifications, or sound an alarm if it discovers something that needs to be addressed. You may access surveillance footage and other information remotely using the system.

3. Observes the door

If you want to check the door after you’ve gone to bed, when you’re at work or on vacation, or when you’re away from home, you may connect your locking system to your phone. If you find the door unlocked, you can lock it with only a single tap without having to drive back or get out of bed.

4. Watch children

You shouldn’t become apprehensive if you’re worried about the kids being alone at home. In a smart home, keeping an eye on the kids is simple from any location. In an automated home, you can always keep an eye on the kids to make sure they are doing their schoolwork or merely to make sure they are safe.

5. Rest easy at night

Have you ever been afraid to go to sleep in a room for fear of missing the doorbell ringing? You could programme a smart doorbell to ring on your phone, ensuring that you never miss it—whether you nodded off in the hallway or in the comfort of your own bed.

You might think of smart home automation as a nifty way to keep up with the latest technology, or an opportunity for homeowners to show off, but there are some amazing (and indisputably) practical advantages to home automation.

Give smart home automation a chance.

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