As a CEO or as a Manager, you definitely have those access points at your office that shouldn’t be accessible to everyone and anyone. Access control solutions are electronic systems that recognize, authenticates, and authorizes the entry of a person into your premises thereby giving complete protection ensuring security within the system. If your company has been successfully using the same access control system for years, it’s time to upgrade before something goes wrong. And if you do not have any in place, consider making it a part of your security plan. Therefore Make a map of your complete organization, then split it down by assigning different colors to different zones based on the level of access or security required. Decide what level of access is required after that. 
When installing an access control system, make sure that everyone has the appropriate level of access for their needs. It’s critical to have a system and procedure in place. This is why it’s important to understand the different Access control systems.

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Various Access control systems, such as biometrics, RFID, door controllers, and card readers, are used in regions or organizations that require high security. Each access point can be regulated independently to meet the needs of businesses or organizations. By this, card access control systems allow access to enter into the premises limiting people to one side of the door.   
The Biometric Access Control System is a fingerprint, Facial Recognition, or Palm-based system that tracks and records data from visitors and employees using its Access Software. Because of its ease of installation and superior security, it is widely employed in sensitive areas. a biometric access control system uses only fingerprints, Palm, or facial recognition to get access,it doesn’t use cards.This is why it is called BIOmetric – Bio for BIOLOGY(The human body) This technology not only allows entry but also provides data about who has entered.

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What is a Proximity Access Control System

The proximity access control system is a more private type of access control. It ensures a safe working environment and is commonly used in factories, banks, among other places. The proximity Access control system uses RFID/MIFARE CARDS, It can also accept facial recognition or fingerprint as It contains over 50 different time zone options and five different open door groupings.

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How about a Door Access Control System

A Door Access Control System is a collection of equipment that includes door readers, electric locks, a controller, and software for management. Its goal is to restrict access to those who are permitted to enter a company. It employs door readers to detect the credentials’ unique identification numbers. An RFID card or keyfob, a person’s smartphone, or a biometric (i.e. face or fingerprint) credential are all examples of credentials. Access Control Management Software defines who can enter, when they can enter, and which door they can use in a door access control system. When the controller detects the correct ID number, the electric lock is released.

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The Physical Access Control System: Turnstiles are an essential addition to your access and control plan. Turnstile access control is common in industries, warehouses, stadiums, amusement parks, universities, public transportation terminals, retail establishments, and casinos. 

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A turnstile gate is great for crowd control, bringing safety, convenience, and efficiency to your venue. Factory turnstiles are an excellent way to secure the premises while also connecting with the company’s time and attendance system.

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