RK01 NIN Government Identity Enrollment Registration kits

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  1. Fingerprint tablet:
  2. Fingerprint scanner
  3. Camera
  4. Iris scanner
  5. Printer
  6. Power supply
  7. Laptop
  8. MRZ scanner
  9. NFC Card Reader
  10. IC Card Reader
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RK01 NIN Government Identity Enrollment Registration kits

HF-RK01 biometric registration kit is a collection of full-featured biometric scanner terminals designed for Nigerian government projects to register and identify citizens (NIN Registration kits)

The RK01 biometric registration kit is designed to meet the requirements of multi-modal biometric data capture.

Features include:

1. Fingerprint tablet:

  1. Mobile Biometric Identity Verification + Mobile Enrollment Biometric Identity Verification + Mobile Enrollment
  2. IP65 Rugged Handheld Device with Lightweight FeelIP65 Rugged Handheld Device with Lightweight Feel
  3. Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof, Drop-Resistant
  4. Wi-Fi, GSM Cellular Services, and Bluetooth Connectivity
  5. Multi-Modal Biometrics: Fingerprints, Iris, Faceprint, Signature
  6. Multi-Factor Authentication with 1:1 Biometric Matching Multi-Factor Authentication with 1:1 Biometric Matching
  7. MRZ, Barcode, and QR code reading capability with dedicated reader, Barcode, and QR code reading capability with dedicated reader
  8. FBI certified fingerprint algorithm, FAP45, FAP60, FAP 45
  9. 10 inch large screen (can option 7 inch, 5 inch, 8 inch)
2. Fingerprint scanner
RK01’s kit includes a fingerprint scanner that can capture images of all ten fingers. Remove those fingers or limbs that do not exist due to accidents, and personal information is lost. The quality of the fingerprint image was verified on-site to ensure that the fingerprint meets the minimum quality requirements for deduplication. RK01’s solution forced applicants to reacquire their fingerprints when they did not meet the minimum fingerprint image standard.
  1. FAP60,
  2. FAP45,
  3. FAP30,
  4. FAP20,
  5. Ten Fingerprint scanner
3. Camera
Sony & Logitech
4. Iris scanner
The camera component can contain hardware components to scan the iris images of both eyes
Electronic signature board: The electronic signature board and stylus allow applicants to sign their own names and digitally record their signatures.
5. Printer
Used to print and verify identity registration information
6. power supply
The equipment includes an advanced power supply system that can be used continuously for at least 8 hours. The kit includes solar panels, adapters and extension cables
7. Laptop
The laptop comes with the necessary database software, data encryption and central server connection services to capture and protect biometric and biographical data.
8. MRZ scanner
Can identify and authenticate customers’ identity information
9. NFC Card Reader
Comply with ISO14443 Type A/B operating frequency 13.56MHz
10. IC Card Reader
 Support ISO7816, provide electronic passport and electronic ID document reading and ID card reading function.
OS Android 9.0
CPU Processor Quadcore 64 bit 2.2 GHz
ROM 2GB (optical maximum attainable 4GB)
RAM 16GB (optical maximum attainable 32GB)
TF 32GB (optical maximum attainable 256GB)
Battery Lithium Polyment Rechargeable Battery 10,000mAh
Rugged IP65, Water-proof, Dust-proof, Drop-proof
SIM Slots 2, 4G
Camera Front:5.0M, Rear8.0M (optional Rear/Front 13.0M)
Printer (optional) Built-in Thermal Printer
Audio Digital Audio Speaker
Display 8 inch, IPS 800*1280, Touch Screen
Net Weight 1.5 KG
Dimension 240 (L) * 260(W) * 54(H)mm
Certification FBI/CE
Warranty/Support level 1 years
Fingerprint Scanner
Sensor Capacitance Fingerprint Sensor IB FAP50 Certified (optical FAP30,FAP45,FAP60)
Image DPI 500DPI
Image Size 1600 (W) * 1000 (H) pixels
Image  Standard PIV O71006, FIPS 201, FAP50, Mobile ID Requirements
Image Form RAW. JPEG2000, BMP, PNG, WSQ
Support 2G/3G/4G (GSM/WCDMA), WIFI, Bluetooth(BT) * 802.11 B/G/N/AC
Peripheral Ports 1 USB 2.0, 1Micro USB, OTG

Additional optional features

Optional printer

Optional iris

Optional passport scanning


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RK01 NIN Government Identity Enrollment Registration kits